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Just a quick post from me today, but I wanted to drop in and talk about my fave places to buy props for blog photos such as flatlays. I find that what makes a winning flatlay is having lots of props, and I have a prop box which I keep all of my blog photo props in.

Today, I thought I’d share my fave places to get props for flatlays, and don’t worry, none of them cost a fortune either.

So my go to props are; stationery (notebooks, pens, paper clips, etc…) ((10 flatlay points if the paper clips are rose gold)) Then I love stuff such as decorations like confetti, and glitter (though these are a nightmare to clean up!) Then we have other things such as mugs, magazines, candles and blankets which are all good props.

Here’s the best places to get them…

TK Maxx : I went into TK Maxx the other day and found so much cute stationery and party props that would make any flatlay look amazing. Everything is reasonably priced and a little different to stuff you get from other shops. I’d recommend dropping in now and then to see what they have. They currently have a lot of cute Valentine’s day stuff if you’re planning some Valentine’s posts.

eBay:┬áThis is my go to place for things such as sweets, fake flowers, and wallpaper samples for flatlay backgrounds. Everything is pretty cheap, so I’d recommend having a good search on eBay next time you need some new props!

Ginger & Ray : I used a lot of Ginger & Ray bits for my Christmas posts and I was so pleased with how they all looked. They do gorgeous things such as confetti, straws, stickers, etc… that all make lovely photos. They also have an amazing wedding range, if you’re planning some wedding posts soon.

Sainsbury’s Home : I love Sainsbury’s stationery, it’s super cheap but absolutely gorgeous. It’s all very Instagrammable and perfect for flatlays! It’s my favourite place to get stationery from, and there’s a lot on offer at the moment too.

H&M Home : H&M home is great for picking up cheap homeware. I have a few of their candles which I use in flatlays and a marble board too. They do some great bits which are never too expensive and you can usually find a discount code floating around too!

HobbyCraft: I got so much for my Christmas posts from Hobbycraft, I was in heaven when I visited there last year. I got some great props such as ribbon, and other crafty bits and bobs. Definitely would recommend a trip!

So these are all my go to places for buying flatlay props, I’d love to know if you have any fave shops for buying photography props?


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