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As much as I love seeing an outfit post or beauty review from one of my fave bloggers, the posts that make me click on them straight away, are the ones that are the personal and chatty. It’s probably because I’m a bit nosey. I am the kind of person who will look through your bathroom cabinet when I visit the loo (hey at least I admit it right?) so it’s not really surprising that I enjoy having a little glimpse in to someone’s life.

So when thinking of posts to write this week, I thought I’d do my own chatty post, I might start doing these a bit more regularly, if you’d be interested? Though I guess it depends on how much I have to tell you haha, but anyways, let’s get on with this month’s update…

Wedding Planning : The wedding is getting closer and closer, and I’m officially at the stage of having a little freak out now and then. But all in all, I’m still pretty calm about everything. We have just a few little things to do, but most things are booked. The wedding is in May, so we still have a little while yet, but with February almost being over, I have a feeling these next few months will whizz by. I’m not sure what to do wedding post wise before the wedding, as I am a bit of a secret squirrel and don’t want to give too much away about things just yet. Though I am making the wedding sound very intriguing when it really isn’t haha!  Also I am very aware of this Instagram story that Laura put up a little while ago about why she never really documented her wedding, and said ‘no one cares about your wedding as much as you do.’ Which is so true.

However, I think I will do some posts after the wedding,  I could talk about the suppliers, our day, the hair and beauty look I went for, etc… as I’m a typical blogger, I can make a post about anything, so I could probably make a fortnight’s worth of wedding posts, if you’d like to see this?

Let me know anyways. I might try to do a few pre wedding posts in the meantime, so as always shout if you have any requests. But we’re getting there, and we’re getting very excited. I try to imagine what it’s going to be like and I can’t believe it’s so soon. We’re getting the final touches together now, and Henry thinks I’m joking when I say I’m going to ask to have The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman soundtrack played as I walk down the aisle…

Roaccutane Update : If you’ve been keeping up to date with my Roaccutane posts, you will know that I’m a few months into my acne treatment. Last week I had another appointment and was given the all clear to start month four. Month four!! How has that happened? I can’t believe how fast these months are going, over halfway through now, which I’m extremely pleased about. I’ve decided to not do a month three diary update, mainly because there wasn’t any real changes from month two, so I’m going to do a joint month three and four update instead. The side effects were a lot more manageable in month three and my skin is really starting to clear up now, which has really given me a boost! I’m hoping that the next three months won’t be too bad! You can see why I decided to go on Roaccutane here, and my month 1 and 2 updates here…

Currently Reading : I wanted to read more this year and stop spending so much time on my phone, especially before bed. I decided to start with the Harry Potter series as I’ve never read the books and wanted to try them after watching all the films over Christmas. Well I’ve just started the final book, and I’m going to actually be quite sad when I finish them. They’ve been perfect for reading before bed, and I’ve been sleeping so much better! They’re definitely not just for kids, so if you’re an adult like me and never read them, I’d give them a go, they don’t require much thinking, and are quite funny in places too. I have a mega soft spot for the Weasley twins! I’m happy that I finally get Harry Potter lingo, I feel I missed out on this growing up! I need to find something new to read after this though as I don’t think it’ll take me long to finish The Deathly Hallows. So if you have any book recommendations – please send them my way!

Currently Listening To : Probably like everyone else, I have been obsessed with The Greatest Showman soundtrack the last couple of weeks. We went to see it in the cinema and although I am not a musical fan, I really enjoyed it. There isn’t much to the film, but it’s a lovely watch, has some very catchy songs and stars a very fit Zac Efron. I mean what more do you need? I spend most of my time at the moment, swaying round the house to Tightrope, I do feel sorry for my poor neighbours.

Current Fave Beauty Product: essie have dropped a new launch which has made my little nail polish obsessed heart very happy. It’s called the Enchanted collection and is very much based on fairy tales and princesses. One of the shades, is officially my new fave nail colour. It’s called Matter Of Fiction, and it’s the perfect pale pink. It’s quite cool toned, but really lovely and I’m obsessed. It’s part of the gel range, which I find to be really long wearing on my nails, and I think this could be a very strong wedding nail contender!!

I’m not sure if I have much else to update you on, this past month I also completed Veganuary, which I did honestly find very hard by the end of the month. I really struggled with not being able to eat chocolate and I hadn’t realised how many things had egg in. I’m not eating meat still, and I’m eating little dairy, but I’m not being as picky with my food choices. I guess I’m pretty much a vegetarian. I think I’ll give full on veganism another go in the summer, as in the Winter, I just want comfort food. But I doubt that I’ll go back to my meat-eating ways.

I’ve also been working on my Instagram recently, I took an online Instagram course, to try to up my game a little and it really helped to spur me on to work harder on my photos.  I couldn’t blame the algorithm 100% when I wasn’t putting in much effort myself. I’ve been editing my photos slightly differently, and trying to utilise hashtags and actually trying to converse in the comments. I used to be very guilty at never replying to comments, which was a bit rude. It doesn’t take very much and I’m actually really enjoying speaking to people in the comments and asking questions. I feel like you all get to know each other a bit better?  But I’m enjoying Instagram a lot more, and haven’t moaned about the algorithm in at least a week 😉 let me know if you’d like to see a blog post on some ways that I’ve used to help to increase engagement.

Okay, I really am done now, I hope you all have a lovely week, let me know what you’re currently reading/listening to in the comments….

Speak soon x


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