The Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier (and help you get your sh*t together)

It can’t just me who finds life overwhelming at times right?

Sometimes, I wish that there had been lessons at school which taught you about life. Like what to expect when you’re in your mid twenties and suddenly you realise you never have time to do anything. Like how are you supposed to remember birthdays, and to pay bills on time? I genuinely think there needs to be some kind of ‘living’ lesson in schools to prepare kids for the reality. I mean yes algebra has really helped me since leaving school so that was really worth spending time teaching, but hey, I’m not here to gripe about the education system. I’m here to talk about some apps that are going to help you with the ever so overwhelming life and they’re the apps I rely on to make my life that bit easier and to also fake me having my shit together.

Cause quite frankly, I don’t.

But I’m all about that faking it till you make it thing so there we go.


We all spend most of our time glued to our phones, so I figured the easiest way to get stuff done was you’ve guessed it, through my phone. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been hunting for the perfect apps to help with everyday life demands and I have a few which I find very handy, so thought I’d share them with you today.

The Calendar : So a pretty basic one, but if something isn’t in my calendar on my phone/computer then basically I won’t be going. I put pretty much everything down, from gym classes, to deadlines and birthdays. I can’t get on with a paper diary, so I just note everything on the calendar on my phone/laptop. I used to not use it very much, but I’ve found setting up dates and having them flash up on my phone/laptop as a reminder keeps me on track for things, and makes sure I don’t forget stuff, as I do have a memory like a sieve.

Reminders : That brings me onto reminders, something that I again didn’t really utilise till the past year or so. I set reminders for most things as I can’t be trusted to just remember things. I usually set them with an alarm so they’re flash up on my phone and won’t go till I’ve ticked them off as completed. I just know this way I can keep track of stuff that I need to do and won’t forget stuff. It may seem like something that is so basic, but my memory is really bad so this kind of thing is a necessity for me!

Cam Scanner: Now we move onto a scanner app which is so handy to have on your phone. Cause scanners and printers are so 2001. Anyways, I use this app to scan in things such as receipts, invoices, documents, etc… that I then can email as a PDF. Super handy to have, and saves having to find a printer if you don’t have one and is a bit better quality than a photo!

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Sign Now: If you have to sign a lot of documents, instead of having to print something off, then scan it in again, download this app called sign now. You can draw your signature, which it then saves, and then you just place it on to documents which you open through the app, and then email the signed document to yourself. It’s super handy to have on the go, and it’s always good when I’m out and about and need to sign something ASAP!

Period Checker: Well let’s now move onto something completely different from signing documents, we’re gonna chat periods. One thing I was sad about when I came off the pill, was not really knowing when my period would come. However, with this app you can track it and it’ll even send you a notification when it’s due so you don’t forget. I know, technology is something else right? You can also track symptoms and notes, such as when you get PMT, or say if you started some medication, so it’s very handy to look back on. It’s been very useful for my roaccutane treatment as they always ask me when my last period was, so I can quickly log in and tell them. I don’t like how it has a cutesy little animal on the design, but let’s just ignore that. It also sends you a notification during the month to check your breasts, so it’s a very good little app to have!

UNUM: Okay so this app list is literally the most random list of apps ever right? Anyways, UNUM is a great app for planning your Instagram feed, that’s literally all it is, an instagram planning app. But it’s very handy if like me, you do like your photos to all go together. It also has some handy insights too such as when’s the best time to post on Instagram, so that’s pretty cool and it’s free too!

Tesco Groceries App : I swear by doing our food shop online, I hate food shopping and doing it online makes it a bit more bearable. I’ve always done a Tesco shop online, and I’m a creature of habit, so never really tried anywhere else (well I did try Asda once and they sent loads of stuff with a short date, so I wasn’t too impressed) anyways, the Tesco groceries app means I can do my shopping from my phone. It has all my favourites and the usual items that we usually get, so all I do is go through and select it all, choose a slot and voila, usually the next day it arrives. It saves me so much time and also I find when shopping online, you’re less likely to spend money on rubbish cause it’s not there to tempt you. BTW this is in no means sponsored, I am just a huge fan of doing my food shop through an app haha!

So this very random mix of apps, but all of them help me with my every day life, I can remember people’s birthdays, sign contracts, track my period and do my food shop. Isn’t technology great?

I would love to know what app helps you with every day life? Or if you have your shit together and don’t need a load of apps to help, then do please tell me your secret!!


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