The Books I’ve Read In 2018 So Far…

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One of my new year resolutions was to read more.

Well to be honest, it was to try to spend less time on my phone- especially in the evenings.

I wanted to stop mindlessly scrolling on Instagram before bed, and instead wanted to try to read books. I’ve always loved reading, but haven’t spent much time reading over the past few years, because well you know, life.

But I was determined in 2018, to read more and spend less time glued to my phone.

Well, I’ve actually been doing this, and so far, I have read 10 books this year (smug bastard award goes to me)

But, I’ve been really loving reading before bed, I find that I’m sleeping better, I’m feeling more productive, and going to bed to read, is something that I’ve looked forward to most evenings.

Yes I’m officially a grandma, but whatever.

Reading has also helped with some recent anxiety flare ups too.

So I wanted to write about the books that I have recently read, and might make this a regular feature, if that’s something you’d like to see?

But let’s get stuck in shall we?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I’m going to be doing a whole post on this soon, so I won’t say too much for the time being. But I bought The Secret as my Christmas book to read, as I usually use the time between Christmas and New Year, as a bit of self-development, I usually use it to brainstorm ideas for the following year, or try to teach myself a new skill. I’m pretty incapable of just giving myself time off, so I try to do something that I can learn/do productively whilst relaxing on the sofa.

Anyways, this blog post from Victoria, is what made me order a book called The Secret.

The Secret talks you through how to use the Law Of Attraction, and how to use it to get what you want from life.

Some bits of the book did make me raise my eyebrows with a really? expression, but a lot of it made sense. Whilst I was reading it, I felt very positive and motivated about life. But when I finished it, I did find it a bit harder to practice the Law Of Attraction. I am going to read it again though, as well as another LOA book and see if I have better results.

But it’s worth a try if you feel like you need a bit of positivity/gratitude in your life. Like I said, I will be doing a whole post about this soon, but something freaky did happen to me whilst I was reading The Secret, that made me think ‘okay this maybe works…..’ and yes I’m going to be a tease and leave that there.

The Harry Potter Series

You may be thinking; ‘Corrie you’re 26- why are you reading Harry Potter?’

Well Susan, I never read the books when I was growing up. Can you believe that?

I could never get into them, but always felt like I missed out. I decided that 2018 was the year that I would read them, and honestly, I really enjoyed them.

I found that I whizzed through them, as I think I started reading them during the second week of January, and finished the last book in the first week of March. I felt lost without them when it was all over, and I loved reading more about the characters and I was so happy that I finally understood Harry Potter jargon. I officially know what a death eater, boggart and apparition is.

My favourite book was either The Goblet Of Fire, or The Deathly Hallows, because so much happens in them. I loved Hermione (girl power and Harry would have never got very far without her) and The Weasley Twins.

The books didn’t seem too childish, and were quite funny in places. If like me, you’ve never read them, I would recommend them, they were a great thing to read before bed, and really helped with some anxiety that I had a phase of in late February.

The Note by Zoe Folbigg

I downloaded this on my Kindle, as it was free, and it’s exactly the kind of ‘chick lit’ that I love reading. I’m very much a fluff kinda girl, as I don’t like to read anything too heavy before bed.

I wasn’t sure about this at first, but I soon got hooked and was desperate to know what happened. It was all about Maya who falls in love with a stranger on the train – James. The story flits between different time periods, such as before Maya saw James, their back stories and their relationships.

It was one of those where you think fate is going to make them meet, but it doesn’t work out that way, and you’re trying to get through the book, so you can see if they end up together.

It was a good little read, it made me tear up, and it made put my hand over my heart in a ‘ahhh’ motion at one point, and that’s always the sign of a good chick lit book to me.

Eleanor Oliphant Is completely Fine by Gail Honeymoon

This seems to be the book that everyone is reading right now. I think I found it on the Kindle bestseller list and downloaded a sample. I wasn’t intending to buy it, cause I’m a bit of a cheap skate and usually only go for free books on my Kindle, but I was so hooked by the sample, that I had to read more.

I’m not sure I’ve read about a character like Eleanor before, who is hilarious btw. The story follows her and her usual life, but also delves into her tragic childhood and forming an unlikely friendship. You find out why she’s like she is, and the way she thinks about the world.

It seems like a bit of a fluffy story, but it’s not, I mean even my chick lit hating friend Sarah loved this and read it in one day. It made me feel all of the emotions, from laughing out loud, to putting my hand over my mouth in shock, to crying. Some of it, is pretty heavy to read, and you just want to give Eleanor a hug (and I’m not a hugger at all!)

It was a really good read, and I was actually a bit sad when I finished it and had to say goodbye to Eleanor. I’m not sure how the next book I read, will compare!

And there we are, that’s where I am with my current reads in 2018. I don’t think Richard and Judy and their book club have anything to worry about just yet. with my book critiques haha.

If any of you have any book recommendations that you think I’ll like, please let me know, as I’m now looking for something new to read 🙂

What have you been reading lately?



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