The Things I Watch On Netflix When I Need Cheering Up

flatlay, things to watch on TV, love rosie, netflix, things to watch on netflixI do use TV as a bit of a comfort blanket. If I’m ever feeling sad, fed up, or even anxious, I’ll pop something on Netflix and will put my phone away and try to concentrate on what I’m watching.

I’ve always used TV as a comfort thing, and I have certain things that I will always watch when I need a bit of an escape/chill/some comfort.

Today I thought I’d share my go to list, just in case you’re ever looking for something to cosy and watch. I’d love to know what your comfort watches are too! Let me know in the comments…

Anyways, let’s begin…


The ultimate comfort watch, and even easier to watch now it’s on Netflix. I tend to watch Friends most day and it’s just so easy to put on, it doesn’t require much thinking and however as cheesy as this sounds, but because I’ve been watching Friends for about 18 years, I feel like I know them, which I know sounds totally weird, but hopefully you get what I mean!

Gilmore Girls

Now Gilmore Girls is my go to Autumn cosy watch, there’s something about the series which is really Autumnal and I love nothing more than being under a blanket and watching Lorelai and Rory talk fast through life. It’s such an easy feel good watch, that I could watch over, and over. Season 3 is my season and I promise it’s not just because that’s the season that Jess is in a lot of 😉

Love. Rosie

This is my go to film for when I need cheering up. I watched this for the first time when I was on a plane with Trek America to Vegas. I was feeling so homesick and anxious as it was my first ever trip on my own, and I was feeling so daunted by the next 10 days. So I put this on, and it actually made me feel better. So from now on, I always watch this when I’m either away from home, or not feeling great. It’s a lovely film, and I would 100% recommend if you like a British Rom Com, and also you’ll fall in love with both Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. I was so sad when they took it off Netflix last year, but it’s been re added so all is good in the world.

Gavin & Stacey

I love Gavin & Stacey, and it cracks me up even though I’ve watched it so many times before on Netflix. One of my fave episodes is the Christmas special, which yes sometimes I watch when it’s not Christmas.

13 Going On 30 

The perfect thing to watch on a duvet day, it reminds me of growing up as I went to the cinema to watch this when I was 14 and remember how I wanted Jenna Rink’s life so badly. The scene where she’s doing the magazine shoot always inspires me and I always think how much I want that pink house at the end haha.

What’s your go to watch when you need cheering up?


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