The Beauty Products That I Am Currently Obsessed With

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I’ve actually been changing things up with my make up routine recently, I know, wild. But in all seriousness, for months, I have used the same products, and haven’t really bought or tried anything new. I think it all boils down to me feeling rubbish about my skin, so didn’t see the point in buying nice make up, and wanted to stick to things that I knew worked.

However, recently, I’ve been trying out some different things, and I feel like I’ve discovered some right gems. In fact, I’m really happy with my make up routine atm, and have been enjoying trying some different things. I feel like as my skin gets clearer, I get that little bit more confident and that’s transpired to my make up. Well kind of. I’m not going to suddenly be a bold lip kinda girl, but I’m trying more things that I wouldn’t have before.

Today, I thought I’d share some the products that I have been loving recently, all these products are perfect for creating a glowy look.

It Cosmetics : CC Cream :

My friend Sam recommended this to me when I was talking about how I wanted a new foundation. I knew it would be good as Sam has really good taste in make up, so I always trust her recommendations. I picked this up from Selfridges after falling in love with it at the beauty counter. In a very unlike me move, I bought it there and then (and picked up the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer which has really good coverage and I was clearly in a spendy mood) and so far I’m really liking it. I’m not sure if I should have bought the Fair shade rather than Medium, as I do find this oxidises, so I tend to only wear it when I’ve fake tanned.

It’s not as full coverage as I saw some reviews online say, to me I’d say this is light/medium coverage but you could build it up. I tend to mix it in with some highlighter for a seriously glowy look. It makes your skin quite dewy, so probably not the best for oily skin, but with my skin being so dry, I’m really liking it. It doesn’t upset my skin, and gives you a radiant finish. It is pricey, but it is quite a big bottle, so hopefully will last me a little while.

It Cosmetics : Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer :

As I mentioned above, I bought this concealer when I bought the CC cream. Dark eye circles are the bain of my life, and I can never seem to cover them up. So when I was trying this out, and I saw how full coverage it was, I knew I had to get it. It does a pretty good job at covering up my under eye circles and it’s very thick so you only need a little bit! I am pretty impressed, and it’s one of the best concealers that I’ve used in a while.

Make Up Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer:

This concealer seems to have had so much hype about it due to it being compared to Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer. Now I’ve not tried the Tarte concealer so can’t compare them, but for something like £4 this is a good concealer. I was quite lucky as my local superdrug had loads of stock, but when I went to Birmingham, it was completely sold out and I kept hearing girls say ‘let’s go to the other superdrug to see if we can find it.’ I bought two shades C2 and C5, and they’re both pretty good matches for me. I really like this as a face concealer, it’s got pretty good coverage, though I’ve had to build it up a little on more stubborn spots. It doesn’t last as long as my trusty L’Oreal infallible foundation which I usually use as concealer but it’s pretty good and for the price too! I’ve pretty much just run out of the C5 shade, so I need to get another one, but it’s a good concealer to have in your make up bag!

Glossier Primer Moisturiser*:

I’ve been using this Glossier primer before my make up, I wouldn’t say it’s the most amazing primer I’ve ever used, but it’s done a good job at soothing and moisturising my dry face. Also how pretty is the packaging? It doesn’t make my face too greasy either which some moisturisers do before putting on make up. It stops my face from feeling dry and tight throughout the day, so I am quite impressed! It’s quite a big tube, so I’m going to keep using it to see if I’ll repurchase or not.

Iconic London Illuminating Drops * Shade : Orginal: 

I am going to be doing a whole post on this highlighter, so I will keep this quite short and sweet. These highlighter drops are great for that getting that highlighter ‘pop’ that you see on Instagram. They’re quite pricey, but it’s quite a big bottle and seriously one drop is enough. I tend to mix this in with my foundation for some serious glow and then on the tops of my cheek bones. It is quite intense though, so if you’re more of a subtle highlight person, then the next product I’m gonna talk about might be more up your street…

 Mua Luxe Light Lustre Highlight Duo Majesty* :

This highlighter duo is perfect for more of a subtle glow. Consisting of a cream and powder highlighter, I’ve been using this more as an everyday highlighter. The two shades are a champagne and light gold, which are my favourite highlighter colours, the cream highlighter is really nice dabbed into the skin, although don’t add too much or it will go cakey. I tend to put this on just after foundation, so it’s not going on over powder. For a fiver, I don’t think you can go too wrong, and the kit gives you a really nice glowy look.

Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadows* :

I wasn’t sure if I’d like these, as I’ve never really gotten on with cream eyeshadows before. However, these are amazing and I’ve been using them most days. I love the shades Duvet Day which is a light gold, Pillowtalk a bronze and Dream Catcher, a glittery brown. They blend so well into a powder finish, and are so pretty. They are perfect for creating a shimmery/metallic eye, and I have been loving using them. They don’t take very long to apply/blend so they’ve been making my eye make up routine a lot quicker! They also have a bit of glitter in too, but not like too much, just a subtle amount but means you don’t have to deal with fall out. Definitely one of my fave new make up launches in a while!

Tanya Burr Selfie Lash Mascara* :

This is actually a really good mascara, I’ve been using it after Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara, as it helps to seperate lashes and make them longer. I find it works better paired up with another mascara, but I’m super fussy with mascara’s but I’ve been quite liking this! The plastic wand is good for your lower lashes too!

Glossier Balm Dotcom*:

I’ve been trying to save this lip balm as it’s one of those products that is almost too pretty too use, but I tend to apply this after I’ve finished my make up, as my lips are really dry at the moment. This is a lovely lip balm which is really moisturising on the lips and well the packaging is very flatlay friendly isn’t it? I’ve not been using it all day every day, because I feel I’d probably get through it quite quickly!

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim KW* :

This is my go to lipstick at the moment, I do adore Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, and I do think this one is my fave. It has a bit of a satin sheen, and isn’t too matte which is good as my lips are a bit too dry for matte lipsticks atm! But it’s a lovely nude shade, it may be too pale for some people though, so just a little word of warning, but I love this paired with a smokey eye!

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray * :

I do love a setting spray, I find it helps to stop my make up from going too powdery/cakey. One I have been loving recently is Cover FX’s illuminating Setting Spray which makes your face all glowy (told you I was all about the glow right now) you only need a couple of sprays and this will give you a glow that even Victoria’s Secret angels would dream of. The first time I used it, I sprayed it a few times, as you do, and ended up looking like the Tin Man, so a little warning there. Haha, but no, I tend to use this with a Models Own setting spray and then use this on top to add an extra glow to my face. But I am loving it, and it’s helping to mask my dry and dull face!

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Amo Ferragamo Fragrance* :

This is my current fave fragrance, not only is the bottle so pretty, it smells amazing. You guys know I’m no good with describing smells, so you can see the official description here, but it’s a bit fruity but also a bit musky too, it’s like a really good grown up version of the Britney Spears perfumes. That probably isn’t selling it, but it’s not too sweet or too heavy. I’ve had so many compliments when I’ve worn this, it lasts for quite a long time on you too! I’m really liking it, and can see myself wearing it a lot!

So there are my current make up bag faves, let me know what your current fave products are!


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