Two Nail Products That Will Make Painting Your Nails So Much Easier – Trust Me.

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I love wearing nail polish but I hate the process of painting my nails. Which can be a bit tricky at times. Kind of defeats the whole object right?

I find painting my nails quite boring. I hate waiting for them to dry, I always end up smudging them, and I hate, hate, removing nail polish. I have this weird thing about cotton wool so removing nail polish creeps me out a little. It’s probably best not to ask.

So yeah. Nail painting, not a fun task for me. I tend to leave my nails till they’re chipped and I’m like ‘okay I suppose I better paint my nails’ – if I was rich, I’d totally have weekly manicure’s.

Anyways, I’ve found two nail products that make painting your nails soooo much easier. If you’re a fidget like I am, then you are going to love me. Seriously.

So let’s start with a base coat that takes away the aggro of removing nail polish. Also please tell me if you also hate removing your nail polish, just so I don’t feel so weird haha.

Now this Barry M Peel Off Base Coat, is probably only supposed to be used when you wear glitter nail polish, but I’ve been using it all the time. Mainly cause I’m obsessed and it’s saving me so much time.

I have no idea how it works, but it means that you literally just peel off your nail polish when you’re done with it- which is also really satisfying. It’s saved me so much time taking off nail polish, it was an absolute god send when it was Christmas and I was obsessed with glitter nails.

However, there is a slight drawback. Sometimes your nails will peel off before you’re ready, which is kinda annoying, but because I’ve got this and another product (more in a sec) that make nail painting so much quicker, I don’t mind too much.

I tend to layer a thick coat of the peel off base coat on my nails, and then paint on top of it. When I peel off the nail polish, I’m usually left with a few remnants of polish, so tend to just go in a with cotton wool pad and nail polish remover, but it takes about 2 seconds and saves so much time! If you’re lazy like me and find cotton wool cringes you out, then you probably need this in your life. Or if not, just get it for using with glitter nail polish, trust me makes life so much easier.

Now with the whole removal thing a doddle, let’s move onto nail drying. Which is such a bore.

Does anyone else end up always smudging their nails?

I’ve used speed top coats before which are good, but this spray from Leighton Denny which is called the Miracle Mist Speedy Drying Spray is the best nail drying product – I’ve ever used.

I said it. I went there. Better than Seche Vite imo.

It’s very simple, you spray it on to your nails after painting them and then within 2 minutes, your nails are completely dry and you’re left with a shiny manicure. Winner winner.

I’ve found that my nails are lasting a bit longer – well apart from when they peel off! But all in all, my nails are lasting longer, and only having to wait a couple of mins for my nails to dry is a lifesaver. Well not literally, but it means I can crack on with stuff, rather than waiting for my nails to dry.

So these two products have made nail painting so much easier. I’ve almost finished the Leighton Denny spray and believe me, I will be reordering ASAP!

I had to share these with you, as I love them and from one lazy girl to maybe another, I’ve got you- you can have pretty nails with minimal effort. You are welcome.

Do you have any go to products/techniques for making nail painting easier?

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