Do You Always Have To Have New Clothes To Be A Successful Blogger?

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I used to joke that the books ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ were written about me.

I’ve never been the best at saving money and have literally no willpower when it comes to clothes, and beauty products.

I can always find a legitimate reason to ‘treat myself.’

Over the past couple of years and more so, the last few months, I’ve been trying so hard to be better when it comes to spending. I rarely buy new clothes, and when I do, it’s when they have a discount added to them, and I’ve actually found myself being able to turn down purchases. For example, I found my dream bag in Topshop the other week, and I’m still thinking about it-  *Whispers to self*  I don’t need it, I don’t need it.

But as a blogger, and a full-time blogger at that, I often feel the pressure to have a lot of new-ness in my wardrobe. I follow so many bloggers, and Instagrammers who seem to upload daily a new outfit. I rarely see repeat outfits and it leaves me wondering ‘what am I doing wrong here?’ Whilst sitting in the same Primark top that I wore twice last week.

But here’s the thing, I like most twenty somethings my age, don’t have a huge disposable income. Any money at the moment is going on my wedding, so I guess y’know that’s where I am at, but most people who I speak to, don’t have a huge amount of money to blow in Topshop each month, and are just trying to get by or saving up for something.

I often feel the pressure when it comes to outfit pictures. I love taking outfit pictures, I always feel that they go down quite well on my Instagram and blog, and I genuinely enjoy going out and taking pictures. But I haven’t done much recently, because I feel like I have nothing new to show.

I feel like if I posted an outfit that is about two years old, it wouldn’t cut the mustard.

These days, there’s the pressure to link the shit out of your outfit finding the exact or similar pieces, I mean it is frustrating when someone posts a picture, and you fall in love with their skirt, to find out it’s three years old and nothing the same seems to exist now.

First world problems or what?

But is that a real way to live? Do you wear a new outfit every time you go out?

I know that I sure as hell don’t.

I mean even Kate Middleton, repeats outfits and if anyone could afford a new outfit every time they go out, it would totally be her.

do you need new clothes to be a successful blogger, blogging, blogger, zara pink jacket, dizzybrunette3, pink biker jacket, blogging advice

Outfit Details :

Jacket : Zara

Rings : Hoop & Rose

Top & Bralette : Primark

Now, this isn’t bloggers fault, and if I could afford/shoot new outfits all the time, then I totally would. But sometimes the whole pressure of the blogging world and the world we seem to live in, makes me feel very overwhelmed.

This new Instagram/blogging world is quick-moving, everything needs to be shoppable, with a swipe up link. People want it and they want it now.

But what happens when you’re a normal girl trying to make her way doing a job she loves with a wardrobe that definitely does not look like the ‘new in section of Topshop’.

Would people shout OUTFIT REPEATER in my comments? No of course not, this isn’t some 2004 teen film with Lindsay Lohan as the main character.

So here’s the thing…

I feel like I’ve finally realised that it’s okay to be a blogger and not have new clothes all the time, because that just ain’t real life. I shouldn’t feel like I can’t post outfit pictures because I’m wearing something from Primark that I bought two years ago, or not feel enough because I’m not wearing something that landed on the Zara website three days ago.

And I shouldn’t make myself skint over the need to keep up with other people, who may have a bigger disposable income than me.

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject, does blogging make you want to spend money or not feel enough because you don’t have a wardrobe bursting with things fresh off the high street?

And if you read blogs, would you be bothered by clothes that aren’t new and completely shoppable?

I definitely think the blogging world can be a weird bubble at times, and this is one of those bubble situations, so yeah, I’m going to stop waffling on now and let me know your thoughts down below…

Do you need new clothes to be a successful blogger/instagrammer?



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