12 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Month

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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised it’s the little things in life that are the most important. I feel like I’ve become so much happier and positive since I started to notice the little things and how happy they make me feel. I love reading these kind of posts, so I thought today, I’d sit down and talk about 12 things that made me happy this past month…

The Weather – Okay so yes, I’m being a total Brit, talking about the weather, but seriously how amazing has this heat wave been? It’s been so nice, having sunny days, it puts everyone in such a good mood! I’ve been getting up earlier to walk Frank so I’ve been having more productive days, and yeah it’s been so nice not living in jeans and sweatshirts anymore! Although if it could be a bit cooler at night that would be perfect!

Frank In His Paddling Pool – One result of the heat wave that has made me so happy to watch, is Frank in his paddling pool that we bought him. He must get so hot in this weather, and seeing him splash around in it, honestly just makes my heart so happy. 

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Doughnuts– This past month has seen us eat a lot of doughnuts, and I ain’t mad. A new doughnut shop opened in town, called Planet Doughtnut and we’ve been visiting a lot. So yes, doughnuts have made me very happy this month! 

Love Island – yes really- Okay so hear me out- it’s been so nice having something to watch every night, everyone’s talking about it, and Twitter is the best place to be between the hour of 9-10pm. Can Love Island be on all year please? 

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Outdoor Cinema- Last weekend, there was an outdoor showing of The Greatest Showman, and as soon as I saw the event on Facebook, I knew we had to go. As you may know, I have been obsessed with The Greatest Showman so watching it under the stars sounded amazing! Although it was a bit chilly once the sun went down, it was such a lovely experience that I’m so glad we did. And if you haven’t watched The Greatest Showman yet, you need to get on it!

Peonies– Peony season is my favourite, and I’ve been loving having peonies in the house, although I feel like I didn’t really make the most of taking lots of pictures with them, it’s been lovely having them around the house. A big highlight was finding Peonies for just £3.50 in Aldi! 

Getting Our Wedding Pictures– Our wedding was definitely the highlight of May, and well the year, but getting the pictures back from our lovely photographer Emma has been a huge highlight this past month. It was so nice to sit and look through them and see the day from someone else’s eyes. I loved writing my Wedding Week posts, and sharing our day with you. 

My Birthday– My 27th birthday was such a nice day, and one of the best birthdays I’ve had. It was so chilled, we went for tapas and cocktails, sat in the garden and finished with a chinese and doughnuts. It was such a relaxed day and the weather just made it even better! 

Tapas – As I mentioned above, we went for Tapas for my birthday and we did the same for my Mum’s too. We’ve found a new place to go in Shrewsbury called The Olive Tree, it has an outside seating area which makes you feel like you’re abroad and the tapas is amazing. I love finding new places to go, and feel very lucky to live in a place where there are so many options!

Taylor Swift – At the beginning of June, I saw Taylor Swift in Manchester with my sister, which was amazing! I’m such a big Taylor Swift fan (just ask my neighbours who have to listen to me constantly playing her albums) and it was such a good concert! We had amazing seats and managed to get really close to a side stage, I was so close to Taylor, I could see her veins. I know right?

The New Season Of The Bold Type  – This is one of my fave watches from this year so far, and I’ve already wrote about why you need to watch The Bold Type, so it’s no surprise that a big highlight in June, was a new season coming on to Prime video. It’s my favourite thing to watch (well it’s up there with Love Island) and I just love how it’s focused around twenty something women and it tackles real issues that need discussing. Wednesday lunchtime’s are my favourite as it’s when a new episode goes up. Cannot recommend it enough!

The Thought Of Changing Up Our Bedroom- I signed a contract to work on a post with a print company which got us thinking about changing up our bedroom. We’ve not done anything to the house for a while, so the thought of re decorating the bedroom is making me so excited! I can’t wait for my prints to arrive and hopefully start to crack on with changing up the bedroom. My inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is getting very excited. 

So now it’s your turn, tell me one thing that has made you happy this month?


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