My Current Fitness Routine & What Classes I Do

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So I’ve had a few requests recently for a post/video about my current fitness routine, trust me there will be some coming soon! But today, I thought we could chat about what classes I do, as I do, a lot of fitness classes but this may be changing slightly soon as I want to do more work in the gym with weights.

But for now, let’s talk about what classes I do, what they are, why I do them, etc… and hopefully it will be helpful for anyone who wanted to know 🙂

I tend to go to the gym between 3-5 times a week. Usually on average it’s 4/5 times a week, but I won’t lie, ever since the wedding I haven’t been as motivated, or we’ve had quite a lot of stuff on which has meant sometimes we’ve only gone 3 times which is still good obviously!

I’m going to write out my plan as if I’ve gone 5 times, as that is usually my goal for the week, so let’s begin!

Class : Body Pump

Type : Weights & Cardio

Length : 1 Hour

How Often : 2-3 x a week.

I’ve been doing Body Pump for about 18 months now, and it was a great way to introduce myself to weights and exercises. I would recommend Pump if you are new to the gym/weights as you can build up your strength/cardio without it being too intense.

I like body pump because I feel like it has given me muscle tone and made me slightly leaner, I also just enjoy the class and love it when I’m able to add more weight to my bar.

You do a lot of reps, so you probably won’t gain huge muscles, but it is good for toning. I  used to do pump 3x a week, but I’ve taken it down to 2x and doing 1 day in the gym on the free weights, I may take pump down to 1x a week and then do 2x in the gym, as I want to build muscle in my glutes and arms, and feel like I need to do heavier weights and less reps to do this.

There’s 10 tracks and they target different parts of the body, from your legs to your back. It’s a great all body workout, that will help with your strength and cardio endurance.

However for record, these are the current weights I do in pump (not sure if this is useful but here we go)

  • Warm Up : 2.5 + 1kg each side of bar – total 7kg
  • Squats : 5 + 2.5 kg each side – total : 15kg (your squat weight is your heaviest weight of the class)
  • Chest : 2.5 kg each side – total 5kg ( I have to go quite light with my chest as I seem to be very prone to muscle strain, so I keep it light to avoid over straining it.) But I do any press ups on my toes to make up for this.
  • Back : 5kg each side – total 10kg
  • Triceps : 2.5kg each side of bar – total 5kg and 5kg for any plate work
  • Biceps : 2.5kg each side of bar – total 5kg
  • Lunges : I always use a plate for the lunges as I can never balance with a bar, I usually use a 5kg plate, or 5kg plate in each hand depending on the track – total 5-10kg
  • Shoulders : either 2.5kg + 1kg on bar – total 7 kg or 2.5 kg plates each side – again I always try to do press-ups in this track on my toes.
  • Abs : if we need a plate I’ll use a 5kg plate.
  • Cool down

Some of those weights aren’t too heavy, but it’s taken me a long time to work up to them! I started with a 1kg each side and then worked my way up. I tend to change my weights every 2-3 weeks. But I just go on how I’m feeling/what my body is telling me.

Class : Metafit

Type : HIIT

Length : 20-30 mins

How Often : 1x a week

Metafit is a HIIT workout which I really like as it’s over and done with so quickly! HIIT is a great way to burn fat and boost your metabolic rate.

I definitely wanted to be sick in my first class, but I tend to do this once a week as it’s a nice quick workout, that gets me sweaty.

Class : Body Attack

Type : Intense Cardio

Length : 45 minutes

How Often : 1x a week

Body attack is the class I love and hate at the same time, it pushes me to my limits but I weirdly love it.

It’s intense cardio so you do a lot of jumping, running, burpees, etc but you can work at your own level. It’s my favourite class as it gives me the highest endorphins. I come out dripping in sweat, but I always feel so much better for doing it.

Exercise : The Gym

Type : Free Weights

Length : 1 hour

How Often: 1x a week

I’m trying to go to the actual gym more and do more free weights. Like I said above, I think I will cut a pump class to do this instead. In the gym, I usually focus on leg work and glute work as I want to grow my bum!

I have been doing some work on the cable machine, using a dumbbell for lunges, floor work such as donkey kicks and fire hydrants.I also tend to do a little upper body work, as I like doing different exercises on the Pull Up machine (my fitness goal is to do one full pull up un- assisted!) and I’ll usually finish with some ab work.

I sometimes will do some cardio too, but it depends how much time I have/how I’m feeling.

So all in all, I try to do weights 3x a week and cardio 2x a week.

I feel like I need cardio in my routine as it really helps with my mental health and I feel sometimes you just need to get sweaty.

Moving forwards, I’m going to increase how many times I go to the actual gym to do free-weights and go up to heavier weights. I also want to up my weights in pump too!

I also do Spin now and then as well, but it’s not my first choice of exercise, but I’ll do it if I need a cardio fix, or have missed a cardio session.

I don’t know if this has been any help at all, or just a big ramble, but hopefully I’ll have a bit more of a concise routine soon for you and I’ll start filming some videos.

But here’s what I do at the moment and if you have any questions please just let me know!

Do you go to the gym? What’s your fave workout?


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