Summer Beauty Faves

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Okay let’s just talk about how the UK is currently experiencing actual Summer. Yes that may sound weird, but if you live in the UK, you’ll know that usually our ‘summer’ consists of a couple of nice days, a lot of grey days, and a lot of rain.

But this year, we’ve had constant sunshine, it’s been way too warm to sleep, and well I have a natural tan from sitting in the garden. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Today, I thought we could sit and chat about some beauty products that have been tickling my pickle this Summer, I feel like I’ve not written a proper beauty post in ages, so let’s have a natter.

Models Own Glow For It highlighters :

Like most basic bitches I’m all about the glow in the Summer. I mean if you can’t wear so much highlighter that you could be seen from Space in the summer, then when can you?

My current fave is the Models Own Glow For It liquid highlighters, they’re quite thin and glowy so perfect for adding underneath foundation, in foundation, or on top for a real dewy glow. I also love the Iconic London illuminators but that is a lot thicker and pigmented meaning it can be a bit too much sometimes.

However the Models Own versions are quite subtle, so I’ve been liking them for a day-to-day look, as they give you a nice glow without being too tin man like. My favourite shade is Lit, which is a bronze colour, but I love it!

summer beauty faves, summer beauty products, beauty flatlay, summer flatlay, summer beauty product faves, bali body, st tropez,

Me trying to look like a bronzed goddess haha!

Rimmel Radiance Shimmer Bronzer :

Next we’re moving onto a bronzer/highlighter that is going to make you look so bronzy and glowy that people will think you’ve just come back off from a two-week holiday to Barbados.

I have been obsessed with this Rimmel Radiance Shimmer bronzer and have been using it as a bronzer, it gives you such a nice glow, that actually looks quite natural and just like you’ve been in the sun.

You know when you go on holiday, and it’s like day 5 of being sat by the pool all day, you have a shower, get ready for dinner, and you feel like a bronzed goddess with your tan. That is literally what this brozner does to your face, expect I’ve been at home in the garden and I’m going to Nando’s.

summer beauty faves, summer beauty products, beauty flatlay, summer flatlay, summer beauty product faves, bali body, st tropez,

Bali Body Natural Tanning and Body Oil :

So you’ve probably seen Bali Body all over Instagram, and I was so excited to be sent some as you guys know me- I love a tan!

This is a tanning oil, which I would recommend applying over sunscreen, because this has an SPF 6, so will not protect you completely from harmful rays. I have been using this over sunscreen whilst tanning and it has given me such a good tan!

After just one use, I found my tan was a lot deeper and my skin felt so soft and moisturised. You can also use this as a moisturiser, but I’ve just been using it for tanning. It also smells insane.

I feel like I need the watermelon version in my life, but if you like to tan, or just want to have really silky limbs then this is for you. I can’t believe how much it deepened my tan so quickly.

But obviously use it responsibly, and yes I know, I sound like a Mum!

St Tropez Purity Face Mist :

If you prefer to tan not so naturally, then the St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water range is for you. It’s clear meaning no stain rub off onto your bed or clothes and smells all tropical like. I love the face mist which gives you such a nice natural glow to the face.

You just spritz it on before bed and wake up in the morning looking all bronzed and glowy.

I’ve been using this to keep my face the same colour as my body and really like this, its definitely one of the better face mists that I have used and love how it doesn’t turn my pillowcases orange!

Zoella Botanic’eau Body Mist :

My current fave summer fragrance is the newest one from Zoella Beauty. Her Splash Botanics range is perfect for summer thanks to its tropical scent and cute botanical packaging. The body mist is so lovely, it’s so fresh and summery, and I’ve been wearing it every day.

It’s really light, and you guys know that I’m terrible at describing scents but it’s floral yet fruity, but not too overbearing. It’s basically just really summery and I love it!

I know, I won’t win perfume blogger of the year anytime soon haha but if you’re in Superdrug soon, go give it a smell cause it really is lovely!

And there we go, my current fave summer beauty products, let me know what you are currently loving at the moment!


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