My Gym Wear Essentials & Wishlist

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I feel like I spend half of my life at the gym which to be honest, is a bit of an exaggeration. But that’s how it feels haha, anyways, seeing as I spend 4-5 nights a week at the gym, a lot of my wardrobe is gym wear. I feel like I know what I like when it comes to gym wear, and today I thought I’d tell you my gym-wear essentials as well as a wish list incase like me, you’re needing a little gym wardrobe update!

So when it comes to gymwear, the number one priority is being comfortable, you want to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, and that you can do whatever exercise¬†easily in it.

For me, I’m most comfortable in usually all black (or colours that don’t show sweat as I’m a bit weird about sweat marks) and I like leggings that aren’t see through, a vest (as my arms get quite hot) and a sports bra of some sorts.

In this, I feel ready to do my workout and not worrying about how I look. I can also move around and do my exercises with ease and feel comfortable doing so.

So let’s start with my legging essentials :

For me, they’re usually black, and I like them to be a good quality material as I don’t want them going see through when I squat! I like Nike and My Protein leggings as they fit my petite legs and aren’t see through!

Top wise, I like a vest, which I know isn’t for everyone, I usually get quite hot so like to have my arms out, I have a mixture of vests in black, and white, which I pair sometimes with a coloured sports bra (ooh I know!) I tend to get my vests from Sports Direct, H&M, or Victoria’s Secret (though I only ever get these when they’re on sale!)

Sports bra wise, I usually get mine from Forever 21 as they’re pretty and functional, I don’t have the biggest boobs so I don’t need an awful lot of support. I usually like the back to have some detailing though. USA Pro also do good sports bras too!

I always try to not spend too much on my gym wear, but I have realised that I’m wearing it a lot, so sometimes it does pay to spend a little more.

I’m desperate to try some Gymshark and Flexxfit leggings, as I’ve heard a lot about them!

Moving onto my gym wear wish list, I’m feeling a few new leggings, vests and some colour to my gym wardrobe ( I know right) I love the baby pink, and the detailed sports bras, definitely need to add some of them to my collection!


I realise this has been a bit of a weird waffle post, but I hope it’s inspired your gym wardrobe if you’re looking for some new bits, and if you want to know my current fitness routine, you can read that here.

Where’s your fave place to buy gym-wear¬†from?



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