Things That Happen When You Own A Dog & What You Learn From Them

I was never a dog person before I got Frank, which to be honest, I can’t quite believe myself.

As these days, I’m obsessed with dogs.

I’m that person who will smile at your dog (and probably ignore you) and will instantly gravitate towards any dog in a public space, before I know it, the words ‘can I stroke your dog?’ have come out of my mouth.

But not only having a dog, has turned me into a dog person, but other things have happened too. From having a dog, I’ve learnt things about myself, I’ve learnt more about dogs, and having a dog had changed my life.

Today I thought I would share some things with you that happen when you own a dog, let me know if any of these have happened to you too!

They Teach You About Loyalty:

A dog is man’s best friend, isn’t that the famous saying? And one reason for this is because your dog is so incredibly loyal.

Your dog will always want to be with you and see you, and it doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, what you’re wearing, or what you look like, as they don’t care.

Frankie, my 5 year old Labradoodle, doesn’t mind if I have no make up on, and will always come and look round the house till he finds me. He doesn’t mind if I’ve been in a bad mood and told him to be quiet when the postman knocks at the door, or tell him off cause he’s tipped over his food bowl (again!) within minutes he’s back by my side and I feel like I’m always in awe of that.

I feel like some of us could learn from that and learn to be loyal and not hold too many grudges.

They’re Good For Your Mental Health :

I never knew that getting a dog would help my mental wellbeing as much as it’s had. One of the main reasons to get Frankie, was to stop me being lonely when Henry was working nights at work. And that is definitely one big thing with dogs, you can never be lonely when they’re around. It’s weird cause they don’t talk. Yet when they’re not around, the house feels too quiet and empty.

I feel like Frank is very calming for me, when I’m feeling anxious or stressed, sitting with him can make me feel calmer and content, and being with him makes me happy.

I also feel that walking him every day has been a huge benefit for my mental health as it’s meant on days where I don’t feel great, I have to go out and walk him, and you do feel better for it. I find getting out in the outdoors every day with him, and saying hello to people out and about, really helps my mood and makes me feel so much more motivated.

You Will Never Have Any Personal Space :

Personal space? What’s that? To be fair, Frank isn’t too bad, but when you get a dog, they do like to be close to you, especially when you’re eating!! Frank will sometimes and basically sit on me, and I’m like ‘Erm hello?’ And in the mornings, he loves to bound on the bed, get in your face as if to say ‘MORNING!’ Before going to sleep on your legs. But would I have it any other way? I think not.

You Become Obsessed With Your Dog :

I never expected to become so obsessed with my dog, but I have. I could definitely win the award of crazy dog mum of the year! I’m always taking photos of him, and showing them to people, I love talking about him and think he’s the cutest dog in the whole world. Which I tell him (a lot!)

I have him as my phone wallpaper, and Snapfish recently helped to aid my dog obsessed status with their pet gift range where you can personalise gifts such as keyrings, phone cases and even cushions with photos of your pet, to make a wonderful keepsake.

Perfect for any other dog or cat or any other pet obsessed parents out there, as it means you can carry your pet with you, or decorate your home with photos of your pet.

I couldn’t resist getting some Frank keyring for our keys, some new notebooks (how cute are these?) and a cushion for Frank’s bed with him on.

Like I said I am obsessed and would probably have everything with Frank on if I could- I’m not even joking!


It was really easy to create the gifts with the Snapfish website, which meant I could import photos from my Instagram account to upload, and the cute design elements like pet themed embellishments and backgrounds meant I had a lot of fun customising and making the bits I ordered.

They are perfect as gifts for any fellow dog Mum’s out there, they’re budget friendly and create meaningful gifts that I’m sure any pet obsessed parent would love!

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That You Should Always Greet People With Excitement

Whenever I walk through the door, never mind if I’ve left Frank for 1 minute, or 1 hour, or even been away for a couple of days, he’ll jump up and greet me with such excitement.

He’s always happy to see you, he’s always excited and runs around you like he’s not seen you in years.

Sometimes it’s easy to be in a bad mood and barely acknowledge someone coming through the door, but having a dog has taught me to try and be happy, and excited to see guests. After all, isn’t that such a lovely feeling being greeted by someone who’s excited to see you?

You Appreciate The Little Things

A lot of the tine it can feel like life is about the big things, the big moments but it’s not. It’s really about the little things. I feel like since having Frank, I’ve become aware of the joy of little things.

Little things like how happy it makes me when Frank comes and cuddles into me, or when I see how excited Frank is when we go to the field to play fetch- that makes me happy.

I’ve come to appreciate the things I may have taken for granted before, like sunsets on our walks, treats, and having lazy sofa days. Frank is usually so happy to do these things however boring it may seem to us and that’s made me really think about what I find happiness from, and change my outlook on things.

You Will Have Poo Bags In Every Pocket Of Clothing

Finally, you will always find poo bags in no matter what pocket of clothing you own.

When this happens, you will know you are an official dog owner!

I’d love to know if any of you have a dog and what did you learn from having them?

*This post was sponsored by Snapfish but as always, my opinions and thoughts are 100% honest, for more information on how I work with brands, read my disclaimer here.


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