Where To Get Affordable Lightroom Presets…(for an amazing Instagram feed)

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You may have heard a lot recently about Lightroom presets, they seem to be the new VSCO filters, and everyone who has an Instagram account seems to be using these presets/creating their own, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re a bit of an editing novice.

Today, I wanted to chat about presets, and editing on Lightroom, as well as sharing some places to get affordable presets, because, blimey, some of them out there are very expensive!

But first of all, what are Lightroom presets? 

Starting with Lightroom :

It’s a photo editing programme that you pay for like Photoshop, however the app is free.

Pros :

  • Relatively easy to use
  • Can adjust colours/tones/do selective edits (e.g turn the sky blue without saturating any other part of the photo)
  • App is quite easy to use
  • You can batch edit, so can edit lots of photos at the same time

Cons :

  • You have to pay for the desktop version (I pay around £9 a month for Photoshop & Lightroom)
  • Can be quite tricky to work out at first (however there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube to help you with this)
  • The files can be quite big meaning the photos will take up more space on your laptop/phone.


Lightroom Presets, are essentially just filters that you use in Lightroom.

Pros :

  • One click edit meaning it’s easy to edit pictures in the same way
  • Easy way to get a cohesive Instagram feed
  • Lots of different options
  • Can tailor them so can create your own/unique Instagram feed/editing style

Cons :

  • Can be quite pricey
  • They do need tweaking, one preset won’t fit all photos
  • Can be hard to find the right one for you

So there is a brief overview to presets and Lightroom, I have been obsessed with presets recently, and love editing photos. I’ve struggled to find the right preset for me, but feel like I finally have found one that suits my photos and the look I want to achieve on Instagram.

I know that presets can be pricey, so I have found some ones that I don’t think are too badly priced, I’ve also used a couple of these so know that they work well 🙂

So here are some affordable presets :

Presets In Wonderland/Boss Babe Presets : these are created by instagrammer brbgoingtodisney, who I love (she has the cutest kids!) She has recently started selling presets on Etsy, and they are pretty affordable. There’s a few different ones to choose from, she recently revamped her presets, so I haven’t used any of new ones, but her old range was amazing so I am sure the new presets are fab too! I like the look of The friendly babe  and The chill babe.  Check out her Instagram here for examples of the presets.

Etsy : Etsy in general is a great place to get presets from, there are so many to choose from that are very affordable. I would get an idea of what you want and then search for those presets, e.g pink tint presets, or orange and teal presets. There are a lot of cheap ones which are great for trying when you are trying to work out your feed.

However I would check out : The Preset Villa, Lou Marks Photos and Willow Collective.

Hello Fashion Presets : These would be great if you are frequently taking city/beach photos, as these three presets are based around Paris, New York and the beach. I think it’s also quite good value for three presets too!

Jayde Archives : For my fellow pink instagram feed lovers, you’ll love Jayde’s presets and she also has a free pink preset too! They are very pink toned though, but perfect if that’s the kind of feed you want.

Dreamy Presets : So these aren’t the cheapest, but I wanted to include these as these are the very presets I use for my photos! I use the millennial pink pack which I have tweaked to suit my photos, and I’m so happy with how my Instagram looks at the moment 🙂 They did take a little while for me to tweak them but once I did, they’re very easy to use and can be added to most photos.

There are so many presets out there that is hard to know where to start, however these are all quite affordable, so I’d perhaps start with these.

Preset Tips :

Before buying one, I’d recommend doing these things so you don’t get caught out buying a duff one!

  1. Work out realistically if this preset will suit your photos, will it suit your regular lighting? E.g if you want to buy a preset that’s shown on all pictures of the beach, will it suit your indoor pictures?
  2. See if who you’re buying a preset from has an Instagram, see if they have examples of before and afters, and see if others have tagged their photos so you can get a good look at what the presets look like in real life on other photos.

Well, that’s everything-  I hope this post has been helpful 🙂

Do you have any preset recommendations?


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