Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Using The Unfollow/Mute Button Online

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Social media, it’s a funny old place isn’t it?

I do sometimes forget that a real life exists and by that I mean not literally, but that other people who aren’t on my timeline- exist.

People who don’t share the same opinions as me, or do things I don’t agree with, are out there and I remember I realised this around the time of a political vote, when I was sure something was going to go one way, but when it indeed when it went another, I realised that I was surrounding myself online, with like-minded people, and I was in this bubble.

But that is the beauty of social media, we curate our own feeds.

We follow the people who we want to, which means we listen to the people who we want to.

On social media, there’s no online versions of awkward family dinners with small chat of ‘so when are you having kids?’ or having to go to a work meeting and sitting next to the person who really grinds your gears because they’re always stealing your lunch from the fridge (who does that?) It should be a place of seeing what you want from people you want, but sometimes it doesn’t always work like that.

For a long time, I felt I had to follow certain people or people I knew in real life, till I realised that social media is one of the few things I can control and I can control (well I say control, the algorithm really controls it) my timeline.

When I was rolling my eyes too often at tweets, or feeling pants cause that lifestyle blogger was on another amazing trip whilst I’d just spilt canned soup down my top, I realised that I could stop feeling like this.

Why was I following people who annoyed me, or their content made me feel bad, or shared views I felt strongly against?

Why was I putting myself through that ‘ugh’ moment every time I opened my Twitter or Facebook app?

I realised I was worried about hurting people’s feelings, and felt like I had this weird thing that I had to follow these people.

I didn’t want to un-follow/unfriend some people in case of hurting someone (always awk when it’s someone you know) or felt like I should be following them for some reason.

I recently realised that this isn’t the case at all, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to follow someone online.

I weren’t through all my feeds and either unfollowed or muted anyone who I didn’t want on my timeline anymore.

It may not be realistic, but social media isn’t real life.

But my timeline is a happier place, and as soon as someone starts to grind on my gears, on goes the mute button, and I don’t feel bad for it.

Think about it, you can’t like everyone, just like not everyone is going to like you, you aren’t nutella and some people don’t even like nutella!

So the next time someone makes you roll your eyes on Twitter, or Instagram, or posts an annoying status on Facebook, think why am I following them?

Use that unfollow/mute button without any guilt, it’s there for a reason.

I just wish that there was a real life version sometimes haha. Ouch.

I’d love to know your thoughts, do you feel obliged to follow people or keep following them? Or are you like me, happy to mute anyone who makes you unhappy?

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash


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