Cosy Books To Read This Autumn

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I’m going to just say before we get into this post, that my reading taste is probably what you would describe as fluffy.

I do enjoy a good chick lit (although I do hate that phrase, I don’t know why, it just makes me cringe, it’s up there with moist and snog -urgghhh) and I like books that don’t require a lot of thinking, so if that isn’t your bag, then maybe turn yourself around.

However, for my fellow fluffy readers (that definitely sounds better in my head) I have a few picks for you that are perfect for cozying up with on an Autumn evening. Perfect for reading alongside a blanket, hot cup of hot chocolate/tea/coffee (if you are wild) with candles burning in the background, and rain gently tapping on the window (you hope it’s rain anyways, and not a serial killer.)

OKAY that’s enough of me describing my perfect night (minus a potential serial killer obviously) let’s talk about these books.

Also these books are all super cheap, because I’ve been a cheap skate with my books recently, and I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing the ‘free romantic kindle books’ section (I’ve got a honeymoon to pay for, those bikini’s aren’t gonna buy themselves) and well I do feel like I’ve found a few good ones. So let’s get stuck in :

Summer At The Kindness Cafe : 

My current read, which I am loving. It’s so cosy, and nice, and I’m really enjoying reading it every night. It focuses on three women in a small town and a cafe which promotes doing random acts of kindness. I’ve not finished this book yet, so not sure what’s going to happen but wanted to include it as I’m really enjoying it so far. My anxiety has been flaring up again recently, and reading this at night in bed is really helpful to calm me down/feel cosy. Definitely would recommend and can’t wait to see what happens!

The Little Cafe In Copenhagen : 

Ah this is one of the cosiest reads I’ve read in ages, and it’s probably a good job as a lot of the storyline is to do with coziness and hygge. Based around Kate, a PR who takes a group of journalists on a press trip to Copenhagen to explore Hygge. It’s very cute, made me feel very cosy and definitely made me want to visit Copenhagen ASAP!
This is one of those typical chick lit books where girl hits a road block in her life and does something totally out of character. However, I did enjoy this, even though it was a bit ridiculous. Based about Tess, a play it by the rules kinda girl who gets made redundant and decides to steal her evil flatmate’s identity and go on a work trip pretending to be her in Hawaii. It’s a pretty good read, very fluffy, had a few naughty bits (don’t worry they were quite tame if that’s not your bag) and yeah I did enjoy it. Doesn’t require any thinking, which I do enjoy with a book 😂

The Man Who Didn’t Call : 

So this was in my recommendations for books, and I downloaded a sample, which i tend to do with a lot of books, and I was hooked. The story sounded a bit fluffy, as it was all about Sarah and Eddie who had an amazing seven days together, they like fell in love and had this whirlwind intense seven days, then when they went back to their lives, Eddie never called. Hence Sarah being like Eh? However, the story twists and turns, and it’s not just a simple ‘ghosting’ case. I really rushed through this as I just wanted to know what happened and I totally didn’t guess the twist. I really enjoyed this though, and couldn’t put it down!

The Single Girl’s Calendar :

So this is one of those typical, girl gets dumped, overhauls her life story line, but I did quite enjoy this book. Although some bits were totally unrealistic and did make me roll my eyes, the developing love story with character Asa was quite cute. I did enjoy it though, it’s kinda like one of those beach reads, don’t expect big things, I realise that I am a terrible book reviewer 😂


So there we go, there are the recent books that I have been reading on my Kindle, I tend to read each night as it helps to clear my mind/help me sleep better.
I’d love to know if you have any book recommendations?
Have a good weekend! x

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