My End Of Year Goals

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September always feels like a bit of a fresh start for me, perhaps it goes back to that feeling of a new school year starting, and although I left school eleven years ago, I still get that feeling every September. Though sadly these days, I don’t get a shopping trip with my parents for a new pencil-case and shoes!

With September rolling around, I thought I’d sit down and really think about my goals for the rest of the year, it feels like a good time to make some changes, and I feel like I’m ready to make things happen.

The first half of the year was taken up with wedding prep, then we had the wedding comedown, and now I feel like I’m ready for push through and start working on some goals.

So here are some goals, some big, some not so much, of things I want to do and achieve for the rest of the year …

Travel :

I have a bit of an itch to travel at the moment, and I think it’s because over the past few years we’ve been so busy concentrating on saving for the wedding, that things like trips and holidays have not been a priority. I want to make them one though.

We are going on Honeymoon at the end of October to The Maldives, which I am so excited about! I’m sure it will be a once in a lifetime trip, and I cannot wait to get there! It’s going to completely different to any other holiday we’ve been on, but we are so excited, so that will be amazing.

I also want to do some city weekend breaks too around Europe, on my list is Amsterdam, Paris & Venice.

We’d also love to do a road trip through the West coast of America some day, so maybe that could be next year’s plan, and of course, I’m desperate to go back to NYC!

But I want to get some trips booked as it’s always good to have something to look forward to!

Work :

So next month will mark four years since I went full time with my blog which is just crazy- where has that time gone? Anyways, I am feeling a big shift in work and how I work and I’m excited!

I first of all, want to re-brand at some point, I’ve been saying this for about two years now, but I feel like the time has come to start working on a rebrand and say goodbye to Dizzybrunette3. I do feel like I’ve outgrown the name and tbh I’ve never liked it! I’m excited to start working on it, I have an idea of what I want my blog to turn into and what I want it to be!

I’m still undecided what to do about YouTube, I might look into getting a video editor as I hate editing videos, so if you know of anyone let me know! I also need to decide whether I just change to my name, or do something else with my name – if that makes sense?

But it’s exciting!

I’ve also recently left my management agency, which was a big decision that was a bit scary, but I’ve been feeling like I maybe needed to have a change over the past few months, as being with management has made me realise a lot about myself and how I work. I have realised that I like to know everything and that I am a bit of a control freak haha.

I have the utmost respect for the agency and my management team, but sometimes I think it’s good to break out of your comfort zone and do what your gut feels is right. I’m excited for this new chapter of my work life, I’ve been with an agency for two years now, so it’s going to be weird getting back to pitching myself, and chasing things, but I’m looking forward to it and hopefully I’ll be able to open some new doors.

I don’t want to sound too much like a cheesy Pinterest quote, but I’m getting some good vibes and energy about work, and I’m genuinely excited for a bit of a new chapter.

Break Out My Comfort Zone With My Look :

This year has seen me gain a huge amount of confidence, since finishing a course of Roccutane, I’ve felt like a different person. I feel so much comfortable within myself, and feel so content.

I’m trying to love my flaws, and accept myself, and I feel so much more confident.

Because of this, I’ve been wanting to experiment and get out of my comfort zone, I want to have a good clear out of my wardrobe and perhaps streamline it but add some new things to it, this Autumn, I don’t want to live in just jeans and jumpers again!

I’m also thinking about changing up my hair before I go on Honeymoon, I recently had some balayage done, but I’m thinking of going shorter which is quite a big thing for me. It’s a bit scary as I feel like I’m known for my hair and it’s something everyone comments on, but if you’re not happy and fancy a change surely it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks?

I feel like for years, I’ve hidden behind my hair and the same style, and maybe it’s time to experiment a little, after all, it’s just hair – it grows right?

I just feel like I want to try new things and I feel so much confident, and maybe it’s the time to finally do so- who knows maybe I’m just having a bit of an early mid-life crisis haha.

Work On Being Positive

I do feel like I am getting better at being more positive, but I have found recently myself slipping and being a bit negative about things, or getting down quite easily.

I want to concentrate again on being positive, maybe I’ll read The Secret again and try to focus on the Law of Attraction, which I’m not sure is a load of tosh or not yet.

I feel like it’s a bit unrealistic to expect to be positive and happy all the time, but I do want to keep working on it, and building my confidence.

So I think that’s it at the moment, but with September being round the corner, it feels like an exciting new start, which I’m not really sure why, but I don’t know, it just does.

I’m excited to see what the rest of 2018 brings, and I’m excited to work on my blog, and myself, I have a good feeling about it all.

I’d love to know if you have any goals for 2018, or what you’re proud of for achieving  this year so far – no matter how big or small ❤️


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