My Guide To The Best & Worst Gilmore Girls Characters

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It’s Autumn, it’s October which means one thing – it is prime Gilmore Girls viewing time.

This is my third time re-watching the series, and something I always save for Autumn. Why you may ask?

Well can you get more autumnal than a show which seems to constantly be in Fall? A town constantly decorated in orange tones, with pumpkins strewn across the streets, and storylines that make you feel like you’re getting a warm cosy hug.

So if you’re looking to get that cosy Autumn feeling, then hit up Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Anyways, as this is my third time watching Lorelei, Rory and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang, I feel like I know the characters very well. I know them so well, that I would not avoid eye contact with them if I saw them in town. Maybe.

I was watching GG (that’s how close we are, we refer to each other by our initials) late one night last week, when I tweeted about how much I hated the character Dean (Rory’s first boyfriend.) I was pretty surprised when it ended up getting over 100 likes, and it made me think ‘wow it’s not just me who hates Dean.’

It also made me think about the all the characters in general, who I loved, who I hated, and well ta dah, that is how we got to today’s post.

So because I know you all are very invested into Gilmore Girls too (even though it aired about 18 years ago) here is my list to the best and worst Gilmore Girls characters.

Yes really.

The Best :

Luke :

He would do anything for Lorelei and Rory, even before he got with Lorelei (why did they make us wait almost five seasons for that FYI?) Although he can be a grump, he is very self-less. He took in his nephew Jess, he organised his Uncle’s funeral even though he was horrible to Luke (and everyone else) he always dropped everything to help Lorelei (remember when he closed the diner, and drove her to hospital when Richard had an angina attack) he helped to move Rory to Yale (remember the driving the mattress around?) and wanted to do anything to get her back into college when she had her weird quarter life crisis.

Of course, Luke isn’t perfect -let’s not talk about when he hid April from Lorelei, but he mostly did everything for everyone else, and well who can blame him for hating those town meetings? I didn’t agree with everything he said, but I like how he’s always there for Lorelei and Rory.

Lorelei : 

When I grow up, I think I’d like to be a mix of Lorelei and Donna from Suits. Lorelei is fiercely independent and hard-working which I always admired in her character. She’s quick and funny, and would do anything for her friends/Rory. She usually tries to do the right thing, even if it takes her a little while to realise what that is. Although she can be a bit immature at times, especially to her parents, I still have a big soft spot for Lorelei Gilmore.

Emily : 

We’re supposed to not like Emily and Richard, and to be honest I can’t work out my feelings on Richard. Buttttt I do love Emily. She’s pretty funny (you can tell where Lorelei gets it from) sassy, and although her intentions sometimes seem a bit off, I do think she genuinely wants to do the right thing. Mostly she just wants to get to know and spend time with her daughter and grand-daughter, and I feel bad that Lorelei sometimes makes this very hard. It seems she’ll never get over Lorelei leaving, and wishes things could be different.

Jess :

Okay so when we first meet Jess, he’s Luke’s bad boy nephew, and yeah he seems a bit of a twerp. But as we get to know him, we realise there’s more to him. He looks out for Rory, like when he made that care package for her when she was home alone. I liked him the best out of Rory’s boyfriends, why? Well I thought they had the most chemistry, the most in common and Jess was the only one who ever encouraged Rory to do her thing.


He never tried to get her to change to fit in with his family, or would make her feel bad for not spending time with him. In season 6, he was the one who got Rory to think about her life, and therefore led to her making up with Lorelei, and in the A Year In The Life, he managed to get Rory out of her funk and get her to write a book. Team Jess forever.

Paris : 

What is Gilmore Girls without Paris Geller? Another character who at first comes across as a bitch, but then as the seasons go on, you realise this is a front she puts up due to a childhood of trying to get her parents to show her affection. She’d do anything for her friends, is fiercely loyal and hard-working. Look at when she covered for Rory when Dean was shouting at her for Jess being at her house, and even years on Paris looks out for Rory.


Kirk : 

Kirk, oh Kirk. I’m putting him on the best character list mainly for the film he made. If you know, you know.

Lane :

Rory’s best pal Lane deserved better. She deserved a better friend than Rory, and a better husband than Zach. I loved Lane, and felt really bad for her when Rory would ignore her for whoever the boy of the moment was, and when she finally settled with Zach, I always felt like she could have done better than Zach who never seemed to appreciate how bad ass Lane was. Lane deserved to live happily ever after with Dave Rygalski who read the whole bible in one night to impress her mother, not some guy who hit on every woman with a pulse, and constantly moaned about everything.

Sookie : 

How could anyone not love Sookie?

Michele :

Possibly the world’s worst employee but I loved him because of his hatred for other people. I really related to him when he said ‘people are particularly stupid today.’

The Worst :


Rory :

I know, I know, don’t hate me. But here’s why. Rory is a pretty selfish and spoilt. Okay I said it. She can do no wrong in the eyes of her Mum or Grandparents, and quite often came across as quite whiny and self entitled. Of course she’s not all bad, but she did string Dean along (although I did hate him) and cheated on every boyfriend (apart from Jess)- she didn’t seem to be a girls girl as she didn’t care about Dean’s wife Lindsay when she was sleeping with him, or Logan’s fiancee in the year in the life episodes.

She sometimes treated Lorelei like rubbish, and would go crying to her grandparents if Lorelei told her no. I was hoping by the Year In The Life, she’d of got her life together and stopped moaning, but alas it was not meant to be.

Rory- get your shit together and realise you belong with Jess – okay bye.

Dean : 

When I first watched Gilmore Girls, I thought he the was the sweet caring boyfriend, but then I realised he’s a whiney little bitch. He constantly whines, and towards the end of his and Rory’s relationship – god give me strength. He’s overbearing, possessive, jealous, and moody. He broke up with Rory when she wasn’t ready to say I love you, he got annoyed with her for endless reasons, and ultimately pushed her into the arms of Jess. Let’s also not forget how he cheated on his new wife Lindsay with Rory. However, it seems he got his life together with his second wife and their three children, let’s just hope he stopped whining.

Christopher : 

The standard douche bag dad who cannot do any wrong. But Christopher was pretty selfish, he was never around when Rory grew up (yet Lorelei, Rory and Emily & Richard put him on a pedestal) he messed Lorelei and Rory around, he messed Sherry around, he never said no to Gigi and just wasn’t the best. Let’s not go there when him and Lorelei got married (what a stupid storyline.) He also never seemed to age, what was he a vampire?

Anna Nardini : 

Ah Anna Nardini, Luke’s ex with the secret child that Luke didn’t know about for 13 years! She was alright to start with (well apart from hiding a child) and then suddenly turned into a witch. She stopped Lorelei from seeing April which ended up in Luke and Lorelei breaking up. Anna didn’t want Luke, so why did she essentially break up his relationship which WE’D WAITED ALMOST FIVE SEASONS TO SEE HAPPEN? The actual worst. Also fun fact, the actress who played Anna Nardini also played Jess’s Step mum when he went to LA to see his Dad.

Zach : 

I’ve already had a bit of a pop at Zach, so it’s no surprise he’s on the worst character list. He was a total sleeze (until he settled down with Lane) he was always moaning, and then buggered off on tour when Lane had newborn twins to deal with. He would definitely not have read the whole bible in one night just to take Lane to Prom, I can tell you that.

Logan’s Dad : 

I have a love/hate affair with Logan (which is why he isn’t featured in this post as I don’t know where I’d put him!) but his Dad makes the worst character list mainly cause of how much of a dick he was to Rory. He made her feel like shit, and was the one who started her quarter life crisis, which ended up in her quitting Yale, moving into her grandparents and not talking to Lorelei for months. SO WELL DONE MR HUNTZBERGER.

Okay I think I need to breathe and go get myself a life 😂

I would love to know if you are as passionate as I am about Gilmore Girls, and who your best and worst characters are. I know I’ve probably missed some right gems, but I didn’t want to keep you here all day!

Tell me your top fave and worst character in the comments…



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