Christmas Gifting With Toblerone (trust me – you’ll want these!)

Is there a present that every year you get, and if you didn’t get it you’d be actually really disappointed?

For me that present is a Toblerone bar.

I LOVE Toblerone, in fact I probably should have been called Toby Lerone, and every Christmas, I am very lucky to usually find a bar of the Swiss chocolatey goodness under the tree. I then spend the next few days treating myself to a triangle here and there and sharing with Henry, whilst watching all of the films. Last year it was our choice of snack for our Harry Potter movie marathon that we had over Christmas.

So you can imagine my excitement when they got in touch a little while ago, to work together on this post in the build up to Christmas.

I think I text my sister very excitedly ‘I’M WORKING WITH TOBLERONE THIS CHRISTMAS!’

So now that I’ve calmed down, today I’m here to talk about the new additions to Toblerone’s gifting range, that you are going to want to keep for yourself never mind give away (does anyone else ever do that? Buying chocolate for the intention of giving it away and then eating it yourself- hands up – I know it’s not just me!)


So let’s talk about the two new products that are new this Christmas, they both make pretty amazing presents and both will fit within different budgets, whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa gift or looking for the perfect stocking filler, Toblerone has you covered.

First up is what I call ‘The Bar Of Dreams’ aka Toblerone’s 750g Gifting Bar – RRP £9.99

The Toblerone you know and love but just more of it. An actual mountain of milk chocolate and crisp nougat pieces which are perfect for sharing with family and friends whilst you watch Christmas films or battle it out over a board game. Or to treat the ‘Joey’ in your life with this ultimate chocolate gift.

Who wouldn’t want to find almost a kilo worth of Toblerone in their stocking this year? Actual dream present 🙌🏻

Next is the Toblerone 5 x 100g Gifting Pack – RRP £7.49

Or you could treat the whole family this Christmas, to a multi pack of Toblerone with a flavour to suit everyone. It combines 5 bars of 100g Toblerone – 2 x milk (the classic) 1 x Fruit & Nut 1x White and 1 x Dark Toblerone. There will be no fighting over who gets what, as there’s a bar for everyone, all in a cute little gift box.

I love the different flavours of Toblerone, I love the white chocolate version, such a good twist on the classic! Or it’s perfect for a Toblerone fan who may want to try all the other flavours, definitely perfect for all those Christmas film marathons over the festive period!

I think I would be happy to receive either gifts this Christmas, of course the 750g bar is definitely top of my list, I think that would make a perfect Christmas movie night companion, who else agrees?

I’d love to know if you’re as big as a fan of Toblerone as me? Will you buying any of the two new gifts this Christmas?

Both gifts are available from a selection of supermarkets nationwide, as well as Amazon too, so they’re very easy to find this Christmas 🙂

This post was sponsored by Toblerone but all opinions and thoughts are my own, to find out how I work with brands, read my disclaimer here.


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