How To Make Your House Super Cosy This Christmas

cosy house christmas, christmas decorations, christmas, cosy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 

With Christmas just being a mere few days away (erm excuse me how?) we’re approaching the Christmas break, well that is if you are lucky enough to have a few days off this festive period. 

I am one of the lucky ones, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to have a few really chilled days between Christmas and New Year. I’m ready to binge watch several Christmas films, and get as cosy as humanely possible. 

If that sounds right up your street, then you’re in luck, as today, I am going to share just how to make your house as cosy as possible this Christmas time and what I’ve been doing that’s made the house feel so relaxing this December. 

cosy house christmas, christmas decorations, christmas, cosy
  1. Blankets, blankets and more blankets.

Just like Cady Heron says in Mean Girls, the limit does not exist, when it comes to blankets. The more the merrier in my book! I find that blankets make the sofa so much more cosy, which is perfect for cosy days watching films over Christmas. This year my fave blankets are from Homesense and Next. They’re big, fluffy and make the sofa look a little prettier so that’s always a winner too! I also add a few more cushions to the sofa at Christmas, and as much as Henry moans about all the cushions and mutters stuff like ‘how many cushions do we need?’ He’s happy enough to lie on them whilst we watch all the Harry Potter films! In my books, comfort is key so load that sofa up with cushions and blankets! 

2.  Candles 

So the most basic of suggestions I am sure, but you can’t beat a good old candle can you? I always feel that lighting candles makes the house feel so much more homely and cosy. My faves atm are from Yankee Candle (ofc) I love the Sweet Frosting, and Glittering Star. I also love, love, my wax melt burner and I usually have a Christmassy scent burning on there. I couldn’t be without my candles though and really do think they add to the cosy factor. 

cosy house christmas, christmas decorations, christmas, cosy

3. Christmas Decorations 

Is it just me or does the house seem about 26326 times more cosy when the Christmas decorations are up? I love having the tree up, and all the fairy lights everywhere. 

This year we sprayed our tree with snow spray to make it a little brighter, and I couldn’t be happier with how it looks. We’ve got a mixture of baubles from Homesense, Next and ones we’ve picked up from over the years. 

I love our fireplace which I’ve decorated with a garland from Amara living, candles from Sainsbury’s Home, and some decorative pieces from Next, Wilko’s and Homesense. 

Ooh also look at my star fairy light ball, how pretty is it? It’s from Sainsburys’ home and it’s my new favourite decoration!! 

We’ve also got a garland on the windowsill from Sainsbury’s home and a lantern full of fairy lights. I love nothing more than being snuggled up under a blanket with just all the fairy lights/Christmas tree lights on, it feels so cosy. 

cosy house christmas, christmas decorations, christmas, cosy

4. Fleecy Bedding 

Ready for your life to be changed? Well, you need to get some fleece bedding in your life cause believe me it will rock your world! We’ve recently got some new fleecy bedding from Next and oh my god is it cosy. 

You won’t want to get out of bed in the morning, which is a bad thing butttt it’s so comfy and cosy, perfect for cold winter nights!!

You will absolutely love it and I can’t even stress how comfy it is, you won’t want to go back to regular bedding trust me!! 

5. Treat Yourself to New Pjs & Slippers

I mean Santa might buy you some new pyjamas and slippers, but if he doesn’t, definitely treat yourself to some in the sales because is there nothing cosier than snuggling up in a fresh pair of Pj’s. Or if you don’t want some new, pop them through the wash with lots of fabric conditioner, and pop them on the radiator before putting on and oh my god, actual heaven. 

cosy house christmas, christmas decorations, christmas, cosy

This year, my movie snuggling pyjamas are from FatFace and my slipper socks are from Totes Isotoner

cosy house christmas, christmas decorations, christmas, cosy

6. Fireplace TV 

If you’re planning on reading a book, or doing something that isn’t watching the tv, a way to add some coziness is popping a fireplace screen on the TV. There’s load of videos on YouTube which you can put on, or there’s a fireplace scene on Netflix that you can play in the background. Pretend you’re in a snowy chalet and get stuck into that book! 

SO I know none of these are like majorly original or life changing but all these little things really help to make our home feel so much more cosier. I love being at home and these really help to make the house feel homely at this time of year. 

I’d love to know your tips for making your house cosy, let me know in the comments! 



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