4 Ways To Look Your Outfits Look More Polished

I’ve always tried to achieve that ‘polished Pinterest girl style’ – you know what I mean. Girls in effortless but chic outfits. Looking absolutely amazing and flawless and you’re like ‘how do they do it?’

Well my friends, today I’m going to let you in to a couple of secrets, as recently I’ve been trying to look more ‘polished’ and I think it’s potentially paying off.

I’ve always loved that chic, minimalistic look. I’m forever lusting over Parisian style, and neutrals and to some that may be the most boring ever, but to me I love that look.

I like keeping things simple, and investing in clothing items that won’t date too soon. I know things are starting to sound a bit wanky so I’ll stop but you get what I mean.

So faking that polished/chic look – I’ve got you. Here are four things that are┬ádefinitely helping me to fake looking like I’ve got my shit together.

1. A Steamer

One of my Christmas presents this year – well last year now but you know what I mean- was a handheld steamer. I’d been going on about this Rose gold hand-held steamer for so long that I think Henry got it me to shut me up. I loved the idea of how it killed germs (perfect for when you’ve been around ill people – I’m not even joking) and for steaming out creases because I am TERRIBLE at ironing.

Seriously, if there was a competition for the worst iron-er, I would win it.

But with this, it’s so easy, you just switch it on and steam away. And here’s the thing, I feel like it makes your clothes look more polished, more put together, neater if that makes sense?

I’m obsessed, it takes about 5 mins and makes a huge difference. For all my fellow iron haters, you need this.

2. Sunglasses

I’ve discovered that a pair of sunglasses make an outfit look so much more chic and polished. Goodbye tired eyes, hello oversized sunglasses that make me feel 100 times more stylish than what I am.

Of course, you may look like a bit of a twat rocking up everywhere in sunglasses when it’s not sunny, but throw them on for an outfit picture, or for when it’s actually sunny and voila, it’ll make everything look so much more stylish.

These from Pretty Little Thing are my go to for making an outfit look a but more polished!

3. Accessories

Accessories such as belts, bags, and hats all pull together an outfit. Never under estimate the power of a good belt, and hats like Baker Boy hats and Berets will have you looking like you’ve stepped off your Pinterest feed.

Experiment with accessories to find your own style, but trust me they really add to an outfit and pull it all together.

4. Keep It Simple

So my final tip won’t be for everyone, but personally I always find that minimal outfits, in neutral tones always look so much more polished. Keeping to a monochrome colour scheme, or adding things like a camel blazer/coat over an all black outfit looks so chic in my opinion!

I’m obviously not saying that coloured outfits and prints don’t look polished and chic, but for me, I usually find that simple outfits look the most polished on me as there’s not too much fighting for attention.

I always feel at my most polished in a simple all black outfit, or when I’ve thrown my camel blazer over the top of a tee and jeans.

And there we have it, some ways that I have been finding to make my outfits look a bit more together and polished. I love that chic kind of style and I feel like I am finally starting to recreate it within my own wardrobe which I’m really happy with!

I’d love to know if you have any tips for looking polished?


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