Hello 2019 – My goals, and thoughts for the year ahead.

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Hello, hello! Happy New Year first and foremost, though it’s now the 10th so maybe I’m a bit late with that one haha but anyways I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Even though it definitely feels about 12 years ago now.

Today, I thought I’d kick things off with my first post of 2019, and it’s one of those usual ‘new year new goals’ kinda posts, well it is and it isn’t.

These kind of posts are always my fave to read, mainly cause I’m really nosey, but also I just find them interesting. I also love writing these kind of posts as it almost feels a little therapeutic, and I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days, but just couldn’t get in the mood. I know I probably sound like Beck from You right now (if you know, you know) but anyways, I’m here and ready to waffle about the new year and my goals/resolutions and where I want this blog to go this year.

1. Less Perfectionism (kind of)

So this is definitely related to my blog, and Instagram and well YouTube too, and I’ve seen a few people talk about this and how this whole glossy magazine blog style that has been the trend the past couple of years can be quite draining. Many people seem to forget their blogs these days, and I do understand why. It takes me hours to get a blog post ready these days, from taking the photo, editing, writing, proof reading, SEO’ing, it can be a bit of a chore to say the least. But I’ve decided that it doesn’t always have to be about the big chunky posts with beautiful pictures, a blog can be what you want and I’m going to try and bring back some quicker posts that I’ll just put up and not have to spend hours on. I feel like Mariannan is very good at these posts and they’re some of my fave to read.

I’m also going to drop the perfect edited Instagram thing too, although my Instagram never looked that amazing, I did feel a lot of pressure with it. From having a matching theme, to editing with presets, I found myself not posting or being picky with photos cause they didn’t match my them. I’ve changed my editing style, and it’s a lot quicker and means that hopefully I can post more photos without being restricted. I mean it’s a such a first world problem, but I’m already feeling happier with Instagram and excited about my blog and showing you a bit more of my personality/life.

I do think it’s quite easy to hide behind a theme, and I do think that if you went on my Instagram, you probably wouldn’t know what I was like. I decided I want it to represent me a bit more, and I’m ditching what I think people want to see, and focusing on what I enjoy making and what I like to see and hopefully it’ll go down well haha but at least I’ll feel like it’s more ‘me.’

2, Travel More

They always say travel makes you richer and I have to say some of my favourite memories are from travelling. This year, I want to travel more, and have a list of places I really want to visit. Now the wedding is over, we will hopefully have more time and disposable income to take a trip here and there!

3. Being Kinder To Myself

New Year – Same Me. This year, I didn’t want to buy into that whole ‘you need to change yourself for the new year’ cause it’s a load of bullshit. Instead I’m going to be kinder to myself and give myself a break. I’ve always been very harsh on myself but I think if you’re constantly critiquing yourself, how will you ever achieve your goals? I’m going to give myself more breaks, be more positive and try to not let self doubt get in the way too much. I think as I get older, I realise how lucky we are to be alive and healthy, and I think that I should be acting like my own best friend rather than my enemy, after all life is so short and I think there’s nothing wrong with appreciating ourselves!

4. Working With My Dream Brands

You’ve gotta aim high, and I’ve made a list of dream brands who I want to work with this year, and I’m determined to make it happen.

Smaller goals / things I want to do this year :

  • Spend less time on my phone
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Finally get confident with going into the actual gym
  • Start saving for a new bathroom
  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Put photos of our wedding/honeymoon up round the house
  • Finally change my name to my married name
  • Spend less money on non essential things

And I think that’s everything. Basically, I want to be a slightly better person but doesn’t give themselves a hard time, post more on my blog and Instagram and YouTube and not worry too much about what I’m posting or what people may think or how it compares to others. And to travel and have fun.

Life is short, and it’s for living. Enough of sitting on my phone and stressing about silly little things.

So I’m excited to get back posting and I hope you like the stuff I have planned for 2019, I’m excited to really get my passion back for writing and taking photos 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have any new year goals, no natter how big or small, I’d love to know!


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