Where I’d Love To Travel To In 2019

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As I mentioned in my ‘Hello 2019’ post, I want to travel more, and in the spirit of putting up more posts, today I thought I’d write about where I want to go. I also think that maybe with the law of attraction if you put it out there, it will maybe happen? Who knows, but anyways, here is where I want to travel in 2019, I’d love to hear where you’d love to jet off to!


I really want to spend a few days in Paris, I went for the day when I was 11/12 but didn’t really appreciate it, and it was so full on just going for the day. It looks so beautiful and I’d love to spend a few days there. It’s actually looking like it might happen and potentially over my birthday (eek!) So fingers crossed! If anyone has any hotel / Air Bnb recommendations, please let me know.


Of course, my favourite place in the world is on my list. I’d love to go back to NYC as I feel there’s still so much to explore. I love the feeling of NYC, and if you’ve been you’ll know what I mean. I’d love to go for our first wedding anniversary and visit where we got engaged, I think that would be so lovely.


I’ve never been to Italy, and I’d love to go. I’d love to visit Venice, Rome and Florence. But to be honest, I’m not picky, I’d visit anywhere in Italy. It looks beautiful and I’d love to try real Italian food. The pizza, pasta and gelato- yes please!!


As you can tell, quite a lot of European places on this list, but we do live pretty close so I’d love to visit more of these gorgeous cities. Amsterdam looks so pretty and I’m always seeing cheap deals so would love to spend a long weekend there this year.

USA West Coast Road Trip

This has been on mine and Henry’s travel bucket list for a few years now, we even debated doing it as our honeymoon. This year, it may happen, we were thinking maybe September/October time as I really would love to visit the USA in Autumn. I want to go to a pumpkin patch and think it would be a lovely time of year to visit. We’re thinking San Francisco, Vegas, Route 66, Palm Springs, LA, but would need to work out an exact route!

Banff, Canada

I’d love to visit Banff in the winter, it looks so beautiful and unlike anywhere we’ve ever been before. I think it would be an incredible experience and I really, really want to walk with wolves, that’s definitely on my bucket list! Watch Tess Christine’s and Alex Centomo’s vlogs from their trip and I guarantee you’ll also be adding it to your travel list!

I’m quite realistic in knowing these probably won’t all happen this year, but a girl can dream right?

Where would you love to visit this year?


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