How To Find Your Blogging/Instagram Direction

Okay so I’m not sure if this post will make any sense/help anyone, but I thought I’d write this, as today I finally realised something.

That sounds like it should be something really profound and meaningful, but it really isn’t.

But anyways, today I realised that I’ve finally discovered how I want my blog and Instagram to look. And that sounds really superficial and weird, but what I mean, is I feel like I’ve finally realised what I want to create and how I want it to look.

It’s a little like a lightbulb finally going off in my head, or a chorus of ‘hallelujah’ which sounds SO dramatic – I know. But for the past couple of years, I feel like I’ve been a bit lost with my blog and Instagram.

Thos definitely sounds like the world’s biggest first world problem, but when you’re a full-time blogger, this is a job and kind of important. I feel like I’ve been almost going through day-to-day life with a blindfold over my eyes and my arms outstretched.

The blogging world is so saturated these days, and I don’t mean that’s a bad thing. I’m not one of those people who thinks that there’s not enough room for anyone anymore, the blogging world is such a creative and individual one, there’s room for EVERYONE.

But saying that, you do have to try to stand out, you want to not just be like anyone else, you want brands to work with you and it’s hard to work out what you want your blog to be, what photos you want to post, what’s your brand?

With algorithms and people never having enough time to consume blog posts, it’s hard to grow these days. And sometimes you can be a bit like ‘agggh I don’t know what to post, what to do, or even what I want to create.’

I feel like all bloggers have been through one of these phases, you look to the popular bloggers and think ‘should I be doing this?’ It’s so hard to try to work it all out, and it’s taken me literally about two years to get to where I am.

But finally, I feel like I’ve got it. I know what I want to be writing about and taking photos of, I feel like I’ve been walking down a very foggy path and the fogs cleared up, and it feels so good. I feel so content, and happy, and I’m excited.

So I have no idea if you’re still reading this, apologies if you’ve like thrown up or something, but I just wanted to try to put down that horrible feeling of being a blogger and not knowing your place and your identity.

But I’m not just here to waffle, I thought I’d talk about how I’ve discovered – I guess you could call it my niche/direction?

Have a Break

Step away from Instagram/ back away from your laptop. Because seriously, overwhelming yourself will only make the situation worse. Sometimes when I can’t think of any ideas, I have to come offline as I think there’s so many opinions and thoughts, and posts that it can be hard to get creative and think of your own ideas. I feel like stepping away can clear your mind a little bit and soon you’ll find yourself thinking of new ideas again.

No Comparing

Okay so you have to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers when you want to find your own direction. It will be so un-helpful, and won’t help you to come to any conclusion. Something I used to do a lot, was get an idea but then compare it to someone else’s and think ‘well I won’t be able to create stuff as good as them’ and then just give up. Stay in your own lane, focus on you and you will get to where you want to go – I promise.

Look At What You Like / Read

So a good way to start creating content you truly love, is to look at what you like and read. Go through your liked photos on Instagram, the people you follow, the blog posts you click on, etc… and then strive to create similar content. If you’re creating what you like, you’ll feel happy creating it which means you’ll be finding your niche and where your passion truly lies.

Get Inspo!

Sometimes you need inspo to visualise an idea, I’ve been finding Pinterest and We Heart It to be perfect for creating inspirational boards for ideas. I also use the save function on Instagram, which is perfect for outfit ideas, or poses that you like. I then look at my boards/saved photos when I need a little inspiration and it honestly helps so much!

Picture Your Dream content / How Can You Make That Happen?

So you’ve got your ideas, now it’s time to try to make them happen. What do you need to create them? Whether you need a photographer to help you take photos, or new props, etc… think about what you need and how to get them. You can also make a realistic list of how you can get to your dream content. Don’t be disheartened if it takes a little while to happen, nothing happens overnight, start simple with the little things and go from there. I always used to make excuses though for my dream content, I’d be like ‘oh I can’t do that because I don’t have this’ but these days, I just try to use what I’ve got and usually you find you can make it happen.

Try Things Out/ Trial & Error

If you’re worried about changing things up, don’t be scared to. Put things out there, and see if it works? Then you can develop from that. What’s the worst that can happen? Remember you can always delete it if you’re not happy/it doesn’t feel right. Try things out though, remember progress never happens from your comfort zone.

Forget About The Numbers

So something I’ve been trying to do this year, is to forget about the numbers. So with this I mean, likes, followers, etc… it’s very easy to get caught up with the numbers, after all with social media, you know something is going well when the likes are high and you’re gaining followers. But what would I rather be doing? Creating content that gets likes but I don’t enjoy, or creating stuff I actually enjoy? Happiness over everything, and do remember that like-minded people will follow. But sod the numbers seriously.

Have Fun

So my final tip is to have fun! I think it’s very easy to take blogging and Instagram very seriously, and think everything has to be very high quality and magazine like, but it really doesn’t. This year, I’m trying to have fun with my photos and content, this means creating shorter posts, making posts look like scrapbook pages, experimenting with photo styles, etc… if you’re having fun and enjoying your content it will shine through.

I have no idea if this post made any sense, but from following all of these tips, I have found myself probably being the happiest I’ve ever been with my blog and Instagram. I’m loving creating content, every night I go to bed excited for the next day, and I genuinely enjoy making posts and photos at the moment. It’s a really good feeling, and I feel so much better since the last few months, I’ve felt a little lost about my posts, and not known which direction to go in. But I feel I’ve finally found a way and I’m excited for 2019!

I’d love to know if you have any tips for creating your dream content/discovering your niche?


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