The Nail Polish I’m Obsessed With Right Now…

Yes shock horror- it’s baby pink.

Seriously though, what else did you guys expect? This is me.

Anyways, today is just a quick little post cause I want to tell you about a nail polish that I have been loving recently.

Shocker- it’s from essie, but it’s from their ‘Treat, Love & Color’ range which is said to make your nails stronger within just 1 week. The polish is infused with collagen and camellia extract (yeah me neither) to help build your nails up and stop them from peeling and breaking.


I do think my nails feel a bit stronger but this polish is so hard-wearing. I’ve had it on for almost 1 week and it’s still pretty much perfect. Which I think is very impressive.

You’re not supposed to use a base coat, which I don’t and apparently you don’t need a top coat, but I still used a top coat as I think I’d feel a bit weird not using a top coat, kinda like not going out with your pants on?

Anyways, this is the shade ‘In A Blush‘ – it’s the perfect baby pink, very light, but creamy and opaque. It’s easy to apply, makes your nails look nice, strengthens your nails and lasts for ages. It’s practically perfect.

I just had to share that with you.

I’m deffo going to check out the other colours within the range to see how they compare, but In A Blush gets a yes from me!

Anyways, I’m going to go now as I’m hungry. Let me know your fave nail polish shade right now in the comments as I’d love to know…


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