Apps To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Hands up who probably spends more time watching Instagram stories than scrolling down your Instagram feed?

*Raises hand*

The short form video content from Instagram, which allows users to post videos, photos, gifs to their ‘story’ has allowed us all to add a new dimension to our Instagram profiles.

With swipe up links, and the option to create quick video content, means we’re able to add so much more personality to our profiles, and really let our audience in.

Now everyone seems to use Instagram stories for different ways, I know that I could and should utilise my stories more, they’re a great way to promote blog posts, affiliate links (disclosed though obviously) and your actual Instagram photos (thanks algorithm) and well much, much more.

Today, I want to introduce you to some snazzy apps, which by just describing as snazzy made myself sound about 80, but these apps which take your Instagram stories from 0-100 real quick.

Whenever I use one of these apps, I get a lot of questions asking what I’ve used, and I’ve seen many other Instagrammers using these, so if you’ve ever wondered how they get those Polaroid pics, or film camera effect, then look no further.

These apps are all ones that I use all the time, I know there’s so many more, but these are all my fave.


This is the app which is behind the Polaroid/film strip effect that so many of us seem to be loving right now. The film camera effect is part of a bundle which you have to add-on ( I think it’s about £1/2) but totally worth it if that’s the kind of effect you want on your stories. It’s super easy to use, you can add videos too into the templates which is really handy! Great for using if you want to add more text to a story, and set it out like a magazine.


Now Storyluxe is very similar to Unfold, it features the same kind of film/camera strips, and I really like Storyluxe as you can change the border colour which I think is a cool thing to customise your stories. It is a free app, but there are extras than you can get a small monthly cost. Would definitely recommend though if you’re looking for a more chic feel.


Now InShot is a really handy app for sizing photos to make them fit for instagram stories. You can create photos/videos to fit within a Instagram Story template. You can also edit videos for IGTV on this app too, so definitely think this is a handy one to have!

A Design Kit

This is one my faves when I’m feeling a little more creative with my stories. Made by the creators of A Color Story (which is one of my fave editing apps – post coming on this soon!) It features a whole bevvy of design elements. From stickers, doodles, and the option of metallic text, this is a really great app to add cute doodles and pictures to your stories. With in app purchases that are very cheap, I really like A Design Kit as it’s super easy to use, but you can create some really cute stories with it.

Snow & Jane

I’m going to bundle these two apps together as they are both very similar. Both of them have templates for your Instagram stories especially videos, which creates magazine, cool template posts. I feel like I don’t see too many people using these and think they can really make your stories stand out.


My final stories app recommendation is VSCO cam, mainly because if you subscribe to the VSCO X service which I believe is $19.99 a year, which does sound pricey, but if you use this to edit all your pictures and videos, it’s not too bad at all. This subscription gives you access to all of the VSCO filters and you can add these yo tour videos too! I love this, because it means you can give your stories a same aesthetic/feel as your story which I think is really great if you’re trying to maintain a brand.

So there are my current fave apps for stories, I’d love to know if you have any favourite apps for creative eye-catching stories?


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