So, I Had A Psychic Reading Over The Phone & Here’s What Happened…

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A few weeks ago, a mysterious DM landed in my Instagram inbox. Okay I say mysterious – it was more intriguing.

It was from an account called Blue Moon Psychic, who specialises in over the phone psychic readings. The lady behind Blue Moon Psychic (I’m not going to disclose her name as she prefers to remain anonymous) very kindly messaged as she said she felt compelled to message me, and would I like a reading.

At first, I was like is this a Dan Humphrey from You kinda moment, but from doing some looking on her IG profile, I saw it was all very legit, Blue Moon had recently left her job to become a full-time psychic and was enjoying doing readings over the phone.

I was interested instantly. I’ve always been very intrigued by the spiritual world (me and my Mum went through a big Sally Morgan phase, and even went to see her live) and I have always said I’d like to have a reading done, but just never had the opportunity. Well this was one presenting it’s self to me, so I decided to say yes.

After all, what’s the worst that could happen? It wasn’t very accurate?

Well,  I had my reading, and honestly it was lovely.

I know that’s a weird word to describe it, but it was a really positive, calming experience that was really enjoyable.

I feel like I’ve come away with a lighter head- it feels clearer, I also feel more positive and like I have a new sense of confidence and motivation.

I wanted to write a blog post, to talk about what happened, what you could expect from a reading and what I’ve taken away from it.

I know that some people don’t believe in it, my husband Henry says it’s all a load of ‘guff’ but for me, I don’t know if it’s all 100% true or accurate, but anything that makes me feel more positive and happy is a good thing in my eyes.

So, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the call, especially as it was over the phone, I had worrying visions of that Friends episode where Phoebe’s psychic tells her she’s got a week to live 😂 but that’s my inner drama queen/hypochondriac.

Whilst the reading was quite personal, so I’m not going to delve right into it, but from the get go, I found that she got my personality spot on. She knew things that I don’t think are really that clear online, and you’d only know if you really, really knew me. We looked at my birth chart, my life number, and cards during the chat.

First of all, my life number was worked out, I’m a 7 apparently, but we also found during the reading that other numbers were meaningful to me. Including 3, which is weird because I’ve always been very drawn to the number 3, look at my blog name for example – dizzybrunette3.

A life path number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. I looked up my life path number and was surprised to see how much of a ‘7’ life number related to me. There are ways to work it out, so have a look online as it really is fascinating.

We also looked at my birth charts, to see what moon and planets were aligning when I was born. My results show that I was more suited to be a Virgo star sign yet being a Cancer. I’ve always thought I’m more of a Virgo than Cancer so that was quite funny, and we also found out that Mercury was closest to me when I was born, which would explain why I usually feel so terrible when Mercury is in retrograde.

Then we looked at tarot cards,  a card for my past, present and future were all pulled out. And thankfully these were all very positive!

They very much described how I have felt in the past (something about juggling too much came up) and how I feel right now which has made me feel a lot more positive and motivated especially about work!

The final bit of the reading was angel cards, so Angel cards are similar to Tarot cards, and can help those seeking insight and guidance into their life. We looked at my Angel cards for the next few months, and we spoke about what they meant. They almost describe the future, but also give guidance. Whilst I’m not sure what the future holds, it was good to make notes to look back on, and a lot of things sounded very relatable to me. It wasn’t like a ‘I predict you’ll be a millionaire on the 23rd of July’ or anything like that, it was more subtle things.

We finished our chat with some advice regarding crystals, and trying to help clear my creative block. She also did a crystal prescription to me which she sent out, for me to start using.

I’ve very much summarised my reading, but we spoke a lot about things that I don’t think someone could guess, or know from my blog or Instagram. The phone call ended up lasting a couple of hours, but I know that readings can be more condensed, Blue Moon Psychic can do a tarot card reading, angel card reading, or both. As well as a 12 month reading, or a past, present and future reading. For my reading, she did a bit of everything.

For me, personally, I’d recommend either an angel card, or a past present and future reading, as these personally brought me the most insight and I found them very interesting. 

So what to expect from a reading?

Don’t expect a clear ‘this is going to happen on this date’ or answers to things like ‘will I find the love of my life’ or ‘will I win the lottery.’

Take these kind of readings, as little prompts. Prompts to your life right now, that will help to steer you, or help with easing anxiety about the future, or decisions.

I have no idea whether any of my predictions will come true, but they’ve given me hope, and have made me feel a little more confident and positive about the future and my present.

Will I stop believing if none of it comes true? No.

Because I also believe that I have to be the one to makes things happen, if I want my predictions to come true, I need to work at them, not just sit back thinking ‘well it’s going to happen.’ If that makes sense?

I’ve learnt a little more about myself, and I’m interested to keep looking into my spiritual background, and things such as the planets aligning and my star signs.

So I don’t even know I’m making sense with this post, but I will try wrap things up.

Are psychic readings worth it?

Obviously I can’t talk for everyone, but I really enjoyed mine, and would have one again. Blue Moon Psychic was lovely, friendly and very informal, she was easy to speak to and kind. She seems very honest, and I don’t think she she’d tell you just good stuff to be nice, it seems like she’s very honest and won’t tell you bull.

What Will I Get From A Reading?

Whatever you want to get from it. My advice is to not expect too much, just go with the flow, and see what happens.

What Did I Learn?

Well, I’ve come away feeling more positive, and confident that my hard work will pay off soon. I’ve learnt more about myself, and how to keep my head clear when I’m stressed. I feel like my head does feel a little less foggy, and I’m excited about the next few months ahead.

For more information, I’d head on over to Blue Moon Psychic’s Instagram page, and you can always send her a message if you want a reading/have a question.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever had a psychic reading done, and what you thought of it? I’m going to do some more investigating into my crystals so let me know if you’d like a post about that soon?

Disclaimer : Blue Moon did my reading free of charge, but I was under no obligation to post about it. I feel like this post hasn’t really even done it justice, but it’s hard to put it into words. But I will just say, I really enjoyed it, found it really interesting, and helpful. Like I said, anything that helps to make me feel more positive and motivated is a good thing in my book, and my reading did just that. 


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