These Budget Sunglasses Will Make Any Outfit Look Chic…

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Hello! Today, my series ‘how to look chic on a budget’ continues with a recently accessory love of mine – sunglasses.

So I know, not exactly revolutionary, but hear me out.

Recently I’ve found a couple of pairs of sunglasses that have been so amazing at making outfits look so chic.

Like seriously, these will help to make any outfit look more polished, more expensive, and the best bit? These sunglasses literally all cost under £10.


So let’s start with my faves, the oversized Celine dupes that I picked up from Pretty Little Thing. They’ve been out of stock for ages but have finally been restocked!! Yay! I think I may have to get the tortoiseshell pair soon. 

These oversized cat eye glasses are SO flattering, and make any outfit look really chic and polished. I’m low-key obsessed with them and probably going to wear them all summer.

I also have been loving a cat eye. Now I have a couple of pairs which I love, one are a pair from Nasty gal (affiliate link) which are quite triangular, so these give a retro kinda vibe.

Fun fact : Henry HATES these sunglasses, he said when we were on honeymoon that he couldn’t work out why they didn’t reach my eyebrows (?) and that I looked like I was trying to be Audrey Hepburn. I said ‘Henry- that’s a GOOD thing.’ What girl doesn’t want to look like Audrey?

I’ve also recently picked up a pair of cat eye sunglasses from Primark for just £2. That’s right – two english pounds! And they’re also perfect for adding to outfits, although I’m not 100% sure I suit a cat eye, I try to wing it (literally) and wear them anyways.

So I am swearing by sunglasses right now, they add to an otherwise boring outfit, and make you look so much chic-er and polished. They also hide tired eyes from staying up late watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, and when you’re in-between lash extension appointments.

Let me know what your fave sunglasses are, as I’d love to know!

I will see you all very soon, for my next post which is going to be a little different to normal, but I hope you’ll like it (ooh intriguing!)

See you soon! x



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