How To Make Your 2019 Goals STILL Happen

It’s April. Which I know is a bit crazy to think about, as it seems in equal measures that it’s been 10 years but also just 5 minutes since the new year.

But here we are ; April.

The clocks have gone forward, and we’re officially a quarter through 2019.

I always think this is a good time to have a sit down and evaluate, especially when it comes to yearly goals, and resolutions.

I mean we make all these lists of new years resolutions in January, full of new year new me bravado, and then a few weeks in, we’re left a bit deflated and a ‘now what?’

But just because we’re a quarter through the year does not mean that the time is over for goals to happen.

AND just because not all or even any of your 2019 goals have happened yet, doesn’t mean that they won’t.

There’s still LOADS of time.

Today, we’re going to talk about goals, and how we can still make them happen this year. I’ve also made a downloadable goal planner for you, to fill in and keep a track of your goals to look at through the year. But more on that later.

  1. Look Back At Your Goals

So first things first, let’s get those goals out. Now, I thought I’d written mine down in my phone’s Notes, but turns out they’re nowhere to be found, so that’s a good start from me. Now you may be thinking ‘what’s the point in this?’

Well, first of all, it’s good to have a refresh, we did write these goals three months ago after all. Secondly, I think it’s good to write these goals and have them somewhere where we can see them/be reminded of them.

That’s why I’ve made a printable goal sheet for you, and what I’ll be using myself. I’ll be filling this in and putting it up on my wall so when I’m doing my make up each morning I’ll see it and be reminded of those goals.

Right click to save these to your computer and either print them out to fill in, or upload and edit using Picmonkey or Canva!



After reading The Secret, and trying to get into the law of attraction, seeing your goals in writng daily, means they’re more likely to happen because you’re seeing them each day, thinking about them each day and they’re in your subconscious. So no more hiding these goals in a notepad, or even just in your head. Write them down and look at them often!

2. Edit Your Goals

So you’ve found your new year goals, and it may be interesting┬áto see what you’ve achieved and what you haven’t.

Now, there’s no rules to the goals, there’s no rule that once you write them down that’s it, set in stone.

Maybe go back and look at them, you could add to them, even take away if there’s something you’ve changed your mind on. Now is a good time to re edit those goals, as we’re a quarter through the year, we know what’s happening, what’s probably more likely, etc…

3. Be Positive, Focus On What You’ve Done Not What You Haven’t

So when looking at your goals, it may be deflating to see not that many ticked off. I get it, I feel the same.

However, you may have ticked off something, or even part of something on the way to a goal. You may have even achieved something that wasn’t even on your original goal list.

What I’m saying is, look at what you have achieved rather than what you haven’t. It could be something little, or big, it could be in your personal life or work.

For me, my goals that I’ve achieved so far aren’t exactly what I wrote down back in January, but they still apply, so I’m going to write them down and realise how they apply to the goals I did write. I originally thought ‘oh god I’ve hardly achieved anything’ but when i look back I’ve done more than what I realise, and once I wrote these down, I felt so positive and motivated.

4. Have A Plan

So the goals you haven’t ticked off yet, no biggie. But use this time to work out how you can get them ticked off.

What do you need to do to make them happen? How are you going to work towards this? Make an action plan and start working on it, you’ll feel better and like they’re more in reach cause you have a plan.

5. Stay Positive & Manifest!

So this may sound a bit woo woo, but I’m a big believer in being positive and having a positive mental attitude. I feel this massively helps when you want to achieve your goals, and I also try to manifest. So this is basically imagining you already have what you want and asking the universe for it.

Okay I know how this sounds, but basically, it’s to imagine you already have that incredible brand deal, or that holiday booked, or that promotion- imagine you’ve already got it and you know it’s going to happen. It’s the law of attraction, and it does work.

Imagine how it will feel when you get those goals, don’t focus on the lack of goals, imagine you’ve already achieved them. I promise it’ll make you feel better and more positive which will help with getting those goals ticked off.

I’d recommend reading The Secret, or this book about the law of attraction to practice it and how you can apply it to make your goals happen.

Now we may be in April, but there’s still loads of time to get those goals ticked off, or to create new ones.

Right now is a perfect time as it’s the start of the financial year, meaning it’s perfect time to start pitching to brands and hopefully getting some brand deals ticked off.

Ultimately, my advice is to remind yourself of your goals, think about them daily, make a plan on how to achieve them, and stay positive and believe they’ve already happened.

I’m going to make some vision boards and look at my goals daily and I’m determined┬áto have a good chunk of my goals ticked off by September.

So who’s with me?

Do you have any advice for making your goals happen?


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