Holiday Outfit Ideas / Wishlist

So, I have just got back from a city break to Paris, but boy, let me tell you, am I craving a sunny holiday right now.

You know one of those ones where your biggest worry is what to have for lunch, or do you sit by the pool or beach?

I’ve been finding so many lovely pieces online that would be perfect for a sunny holiday abroad, but seeing as I don’t have one planned (maybe I’ll try manifest one!) I thought I’d share some bits I’ve been coveting that I would 100% be adding to my suitcase if I was jetting off this Summer.

I’ve tried to make them all into outfits which I hope is helpful if you’re looking for some Summer holiday wardrobe inspiration!

Outfit One : Swimwear

Swimwear is a tricky old one isn’t it, bikini shopping is one of my most loathed shopping activities, so usually I try to snap up swimwear that I like whenever I can even if I don’t have a holiday booked, cause I know I’ll need it at some point.

This summer, I’m loving all the one pieces around, they’re really flattering, and I think when paired with a floppy hat and some amazing sunnies, you are the epitome of poolside chic.

I’m also loving neutral colours, so black, white, but with a splash of orange, I’d 100% be getting an orange bikini to show off my tan if I was jetting off soon!


Pair with a hat which are having a total moment right now and not only will you look fabulous but protecting yourself from sunstroke!

Outfit Two : Daytime Casual

Perfect for lunch, going round the local town, etc… this is such a simple but nice outfit to wear. One of my go tos that’s for sure.

These denim shorts are my fave, I have two pairs and they’re high-waisted, super comfy and cover the bum cheeks. You know that may not sound like a big deal but you’d have no idea how many shorts these days seem to want to show what you’ve had for breakfast ( on another note – that’s such a weird saying isn’t it?)

Pair with a spaghetti strap cami, big sunnies, hat and some tan sliders and you are good to go!


Outfit Three : The White Dress

The ultimate summer holiday companion : a white dress. Perfect for wearing towards the end of your holiday to show off your sun-kissed glow.

I love this one from H&M, but there’s so many lovely ones around to choose from! Throw it on with some sandals and some cat eye sunglasses and you are good to go!

Outfit Four : The Black Midi Dress

I’m having a moment with midi dresses right now and this one from ASOS was my most favourite thing that I wore when I went to Paris. I feel like they, make you feel really chic and polished and although black isn’t a very summery colour, I think a black midi dress is perfect for wearing to dinner, drinks, ect… they can be dressed up or dressed down and I’m obsessed.

Outfit Five : All White

So I know I’ve already spoken about the white dress, but what about the all white outfit too. I love this white shirt and shorts combo and you bet I’ll be recreating it. Perfect sunny holiday attire that’s for sure!

Outfit Six : The Midi Skirt

Told you I was having a thing for midi lengths right now. After always avoiding midi skirts and dresses as I was positive I was too short for them, I have now decided I love them. I love a midi skirt as again it makes me feel quite polished and dressed up. This one from Topshop is gorgeous!

So that’s all my outfit inspo for the time being, basically my holiday wardrobe would be very neutral, and consisting of simple, minimalist items. A hat, cat eye glasses and gold hoops would be my most worn accessories, complete with a cocktail in hand!

I’d love to know if you’re jetting off this Summer?


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