Why You Should Make a Vision Board To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Vision board. Probably two words you’ve heard thrown about recently, but what exactly is it?

A vision board, is basically an IRL pinterest board, it’s full of images or words, of what inspires you. It can be based around your goals, dreams or just something that makes you happy whilst you look at it.

But what is the point of a vision board?

I know it all sounds a bit like ‘erm so what is this going to achieve?’

Well it’s all related to the law of attraction (which I’ve really been trying to get into over the past few months) which goes off the idea that like attracts like, so for example, when you’re thinking of something good or makes you happy, you find yourself feeling happy and think of more good things.

If you think about bad things, you usually think of more bad things, and the law of attraction tells us that the universe is a bit like a magnet to us, and we attract what we think about and go about.

So say, you’re always saying ‘oh my god, I’m so skint, and in debt’ you’re attracting more debt to yourself because the universe is thinking ‘she wants more debt- even if you’re saying I don’t want debt, you’re thinking about debt.’

However if you’re thinking ‘I have lots and money is coming my way’ the universe will react to this.

I’m not sure I’ve described this the best way, but basically in simple terms, by thinking and doing more positive things you will hopefully receive more positive things from the universe.

I know it all sounds a bit woo woo, and I get it.

But I have found since trying to be more positive and doing stuff like being grateful ( I try to write down at least 5 things I’m grateful for each day) and affirmations to myself, I have found myself being more positive and that’s always a good thing in my book.

I do find that more opportunities tend to happen when I’m thinking positive and it makes me work harder and be more motivated.

A vision board is good exercise for the law of attraction because it’s something you will look at each day, and you’re to visualise the things on it that you’re aiming for as already yours. 

E.G if you want to buy a house, you put a pic of your dream house on the vision board and imagine driving up to that house every day, imagine how you’ll feel waking up there every morning, what colour will your bedroom be, what sofa will you have? Imagine it like it’s real, and know it’s going to happen. Don’t worry about it, and just know it’ll happen and how grateful you are.

According to the law of attraction book The Secret (which I’d recommend btw!)  “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualising, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

At the start of the year, I made my first vision board, it was mainly a travel one, I also stuck lots of pictures of brands I wanted to work with, words that inspired me and photos that motivated me.

I put it on my desk and every day I looked at it and felt how I’d feel if those things happened.

It was a few months later that I looked at it and realised ‘bloody hell, a lot of this has happened or is happening.’

I put 6 places that I wanted to visit ; Paris, Disneyland Paris, Amsterdam, Banff, NYC and Universal Orlando.

In June I went to Paris, and Disneyland Paris twice. And we’re going to Banff and NYC later this year.

I put that I wanted to land a large ambassador deal through work- I landed my Neutrogena Skinsider deal in April 2019.

I put Charlotte Tilbury as a dream brand to work with and in February they emailed me and sent me their latest launch to review and to give away to one of my followers.

I looked at my board and was a bit freaked out, that a lot of this stuff had happened.

So I decided to make a new fresh one, focusing more on work and a little travel.

I’ve put my dream brands, and photo that inspire me to get these dream brands to work with me, I have a couple of travel picks on there and I’ve also put photos on a new bathroom as I’d love to get our bathroom done.

Whilst making my board, I thought about how I’d feel if these things happened and imagined they were. In my head, I thought about how I’d take the pictures for my Topshop campaign, and what I’d wear for my first day of the Universal Orlando press trip. Feeling those feelings and those emotions are what’s going to make your vision board really powerful and more likely to happen. You have to feel it. 

I imagined how I’ll feel taking that first bath in our gorgeous new bathroom, what bath bomb I’d use and what I’d watch on Netflix whilst soaking.

I then thought about how they’re going to happen and how excited and grateful I am.

Then I popped it on my desk and I look and try to feel those feelings every day as I look at it.

Now the work doesn’t stop there.

You can’t just make a vision board and just think ‘oh the universe will do its job now.’

You still have to work to make it happen.

So for me, I’m creating content that will attract those dream brands ; more fashion content, more street style, more hair posts, I’ve started a Pinterest board for these campaigns already.

I’ve got a Pinterest board of places to visit in Italy, and photo ideas for Universal Orlando.

I’m also keeping up with my gratitude list and being grateful every day and working towards my goals.

I hope these things will happen, but even if they don’t which I’m not going to think, I feel very positive and inspired to work hard and make these dreams a reality.

I think vision boards are a great way to inspire yourself and create goals that you want to work towards and stick to.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to and a vision board is a good visual tool for you to visualise those goals.

They’re super easy to make, you can use paper, a board, canvas, whatever you want, and you can use magazine clippings, photos ( I use the free prints app to print out photos) you could draw, or do whatever inspires you the most.

For more info on the law of attraction I’d recommend following Victoria and Taylor Rae who are my go to’s for law of attraction posts!

I’d love to know if you’ve made a vision board and if you believe in the law of attraction?


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