How To Take Outfit Photos On Your Own

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When you’re scrolling through Instagram, or looking at someone’s blog, it’s easy to feel a little deflated when you see everyone’s professional and polished outfit photos.

It can make you feel like everyone has their own personal photographer, following them around like an E! reality tv crew to snap their outfits, but I’m going to let you in on a secret, that definitely isn’t the case for everyone.

Earlier this year, I felt like that too, I felt rubbish and felt it was impossible to ever take photos as I had no one to take my photos, and felt bad asking Henry on his day off (even though he always would bless him) or didn’t have the money to pay a professional photographer on the regular. 

But then I realised, I don’t need someone else, I can totally take my own outfit photos, and whilst I don’t take every outfit photo on my own, I do take a lot of them by myself and it’s SO easy.

I’m going to tell you how to take photos on your own, they’ll be so good, you’ll look like you have a professional crew with you, and if I can do it anyone can.

So we’re going to need a few things;

  1. A tripod

  2. A remote

  3. A camera (obviously)

  4. Confidence

So the first three things don’t need to be expensive, my tripod is currently a cheap travel one I got off Amazon, I also have an attachment for it to put my phone on when I use this to take photos. You can get phone tripods though if you’re just going to ue that to take photos!

I then use a bluetooth remote for my phone (which is currently my preferred way to take photos out and about, because it’s SO quick to snap a few shots on your phone!) The remote costs about £3.99/4.99, it fits in your hand and is so easy and quick to use!

I sometimes use my DSLR as Canon have a phone app where you can use your phone as the remote. However sometimes when out and about can be a bit tricky, and I also think that when I use my DSLR, it takes longer to take the photo, whilst with a phone and a bluetooth remote, it’s like ‘bang bang bang’, it’s so instant which is great when you’re out and about on your own and don’t want to be ages!

I also prefer the more candid shots anyways!

Now the final thing you need is confidence.

It took me a bit of courage to go out on my own in public to take photos, but here’s some tips :

Go When It’s Quiet : get out and about when it’s early, or when kids are at school/people are at work, as chances are the streets will be quieter so you may feel more comfortable. I also usually go to quite quiet places so you know, not the middle of town/ a really busy area. Mainly because it’s a better picture not having loads of people in the background!

Remember You’re Probably Never Going To See These People Again : it can be a bit unnerving having people stare/say stuff when you’re taking photos. But usually it’s not that bad and remember you’ll probably never see these people again. Just ignore them and focus on getting the picture, don’t worry about them!

Have Fun: the best part of being on your own is you can do things at your pace and what you’re comfortable with, have fun, and enjoy it!

So all I do, is set up my tripod, set up my shot, connect my remote to my phone and start shooting. It usually takes me about 5-10mins per outfit/shoot and I actually really enjoy going out on my own.

I think that there’s something quite rewarding about being able to do something for yourself and you feel quite proud afterwards!!

I’m glad that I’ve managed to gain the confidence to go out on my own, it means I’m just able to go out when I want to and don’t feel so bad making Henry do it every weekend.

I wanted to post about this, because it’s so easy to do and if you’re a blogger and struggling with finding someone to take your photos, I hope this post gives you the confidence to go out on your own 🙂

Have you ever gone out and taken your own photos? I’d love to know and if you do go out now after seeing my post, let me know as I’d love to know how you got on!!

P.s Here’s some tips on how to nail your pose for your outfit photos too 🙌🏻


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