My Current Wardrobe Staples

I’m very much into having wardrobe staples that will last all year round. I mean this is quite easy when you live in the UK and summer’s are never too hot or too long, but I do think even if you did have differing seasons, you can still get away with a capsule of wardrobe staples.

Today, I thought I’d share my current wardrobe staples that I’ve worn for a lot of the year and I’m sure will see me through to Autumn too (how is it almost September already?)

A White Shirt

You guys already know about my new H&M white shirt *affiliate link* which was only £8.99 and is my new favourite thing. A white shirt is a staple for me, and you can wear it so many ways, and throughout the year.

Right now in August, I’m pairing it with denim shorts, or a midi skirt, but when it’s Autumn, pair it with jeans, boots, a leather jacket and a fedora for an ultimate chic look.

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A White T-Shirt

I mean I don’t really need to say much about a white t-shirt right? It’s a complete wardrobe staple for me, it goes with EVERYTHING! Jeans, printed skirts, shorts, midi skirts, under dresses, over dresses, the list is endless.

My favourite style is slightly boxy with a high neck. Topshop and Marks & Spencer are where my two favourite white t-shirts are from atm.

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A Good Pair of Blue & Black Jeans

Jeans, so simple but a wardrobe must from me. I used to be a Joni from Topshop *affiliate link* kinda girl, but this year I have been trying to be a bit more adventurous with my jean choices.

My current jean essentials are ; a pair of vintage straight blue jeans from Primark (they go with everything but look amazing with sandals and a tee) and my trusty skinny Joni Jeans (I usually use these as my nice jeans and a top outfit when I’m going out for dinner/drinks.)

*affiliate link*

Faux Leather Biker Jacket

A biker jacket has been a staple of mine for many years, cause again they go with everything. I wear mine all year round pretty much, over jumpers in the winter and over dresses and tees and shorts in the Summer.

My current one is from Bershka, but I do want to get one that’s a bit sturdier, if you have any recommendations let me know!

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Printed Skirt

Preferably in black/dark colours, as this will ensure your printed skirt will be wearable with tights in the winter too as well as bare legs in the Summer.

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I have two blazers which I’ve worn from January to now, and they are a double-breasted black blazer from H&M and a camel blazer from I Saw It First.

I love them both so much and they add chic-ness to any outfit.

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Black Barely There Sandals

Okay so these aren’t going to be the best for when it’s snowing, but these barely there sandals from Primark have been my most worn shoe in 2019.

Not too high so I walk like Bambi, but still adding a little height/chicness to an outfit.

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Some Kind Of Pump

Everyone has a preferred pump, I am torn between converse and Vans, but I have both and wear them all the time. Perfect for casual days out and for wearing with a with lots of outfits, I’d recommend having something like this to throw on!

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A Graphic Tee

Following on from my ‘5 Ways To Style A Graphic Tee’ post, they are so versatile and add a little edge to any outfit.

I’m currently wearing mine with shorts and pumps, but will look cool with jeans and boots when the weather drops again.

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Denim Shorts

Okay so these are a more of a Summer Wardrobe staple, but a good pair of denim shorts will serve you very well.

My faves are from H&M, and are perfect for pairing with everything. Also they don’t show your arse cheeks to the world so they get a gold star for that.

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Lace Cami

My final wardrobe staple is a lace cami, these are perfect for dressing up and down, and my go to when I can’t think of what to wear.

Pair with a biker jacket or blazer and it’ll look amazing.

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So there are my current wardrobe staples, I’m sure I’ll be rotating some things when the colder weather comes in, but these are the pieces I’m wearing on repeat right now.

What’s your wardrobe staples right now?


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