The Best Things About Having A Dog

*This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.

This week marked 6 years since we brought Frankie (our dog) home as a little puppy. He wailed the whole car journey home like a little monkey and I was terrified. 

 I shouted to Henry ‘ WHAT DO I DO?’

He replied ‘ I DON’T KNOW!

Looking back, at those young 22 year olds, we had no idea what we were doing when it came to looking after a dog, but here we are 6 years later, a bit older and more importantly a lot more wiser when it comes to looking after Frank. 

Frank, our labradoodle, is my world. Well he’s Henry’s world too but I’m the one writing this post 😂

I’m one of those Dog mum’s who will make you look at 1323 pictures of their dog sleeping even if you haven’t asked. 

But I think unless you’ve had a dog, you don’t understand how much of a part of your life they become.

The house feels empty if he’s ever not in it. And even though he can’t talk, he’s always there for you, he’s literally my best pal, which may sound weird cause he’s a dog, but dog owners, you’ll understand.

Petplan recently got in touch with me to talk about ways to keep your dog safe, especially during the summer. Petplan who are one of the leaders in pet insurance, which we realised last month is SO important to have. We had an almost scare when Frank got a grass seed stuck in his paw which got infected, thankfully a couple of days of a ‘wet bandage’ sorted him out, but the vet had warned us initially, that we may need to have tests run on his foot if it didn’t improve, which makes you realise how important dog insurance is, as you never know when you might need it! 

Petplan have a dedicated Pet Summer Safety hub on their website, which has loads of tips for keeping your dog safe, and whilst we are in September now (Summer isn’t technically over till the 23rd September and the weather has been quite warm the past few days) I do think a lot of the tips from the Summer safety section on Petplan’s website can be applied to all year round. 

Today, I wanted to talk about the 5 best things about having a dog and to also have an excuse to upload some pretty cute pics of Frank from our recent day out where we went on an adventure (which are his favourite kind of or should I say pawfect day out)

  1. You’re Never Lonely 

Like I said above, dogs provide a lot of comfort and company yet without having to utter a word. Though I am sure that Frank has said ‘no’ before but then I don’t know if I’m hearing things haha but they provide you with companionship and dogs are so loyal that you never feel alone. I work from home, and without him I’d be lost. He puts up with my endless Gilmore Girls episodes and even puts up with my terrible singing! 

2. They Force You To Get Out 

Having a dog mens you have to walk them, and I feel like having an excuse to get outside once to twice a day does wonders for your health- physically and mentally! I love walking Frank, it’s one of my favourite times of the day, and I also love going on walks as the three of us at the weekend. 

It’s so relaxing, and peaceful. 

I love walking Frank in the country fields near us, I love seeing him explore and run and bounce around like he’s the Easter bunny. 

If we’re not in a rush, we’ll sometimes take a blanket with us and some snacks and have a little picnic stop on our walk. I’m always mindful of the weather, so if it’s quite warm/sunny, I’ll walk him early in the morning to avoid him from overheating, and of course will take a big bottle of water and a collapsible bowl with me so he can stay hydrated on our explore. 

He loves exploring woods, and fields, and I guess paired with some yummy snacks would be his ‘pawfect day’! When we took him to the beach in Aberdovey, he LOVED his doggy ice cream that we bought him!! Another way to stay cool that’s for sure 🙂 

This time of year is my favourite though for walks, I love a crisp September morning, and I think Frank does too! Perfect for blowing the cobwebs away! 

3. They Force You To Become Responsible 

I feel having a dog is a good way to become more responsible, because having a dog is hard work and not as easy as what it may seem. 

I remember being shocked at how hard work it was to look after Frank and even now we have to be very mindful of things like harmful foods (making sure things like grapes, chocolate, bones, corn on the cob, onion, etc….) are out of reach, and making sure he’s kept healthy and happy. 

But as much as having a dog is hard it’s also incredibly rewarding, and I feel like having frank has made us better people!

4. They Always Welcome You Home

Is there anything better than returning home to a dog? Frank always greets us with excitement and it always makes me smile no matter what kind of day I’ve had. It’s the same when you see him in the morning, he’s always so excited to see you, and that will never ever get old! 

5. They Make A House A Home

As you’ve probably guessed, I am little obsessed with my dog Frank. He makes our house a home, and is a part of our family. He makes me laugh and smile every single day, he makes me feel less stressed and comforts me. Dogs just make the best companions. 

And everywhere is so dog friendly these days that you can take them everywhere with you so you never have to be apart. We’re hoping to take frank on a little beach get away later this year, and love that there’s so many places in the UK to be able to do this. 

I would absolutely love to hear if you have a dog and what you think the best things are about owning a dog. 

*This post was sponsored by Petplan UK but as always all my opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and genuine. Read my disclaimer to see how I work with brands.



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