Cosy Evening Essentials

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So the clocks have gone back, and how cold has it been the past few days? As I write this, I’m snuggled under a blanket and trying to remember where all my scarves and gloves have gone.

Anyways, this obviously means that cosy evenings are a given right now, I mean to be honest, they’re always a given in my house, but especially at this time of year.


So today, I thought I’d share my ultimate cosy essentials, I’d love to know yours too!

Pyjamas : A cosy night, is not a cosy night if you’re not in your pjs- am I right or am I right? For me, I’m all about a nice cosy brushed or fleeced pair at this time of year. Perfect for snuggling up to, and you better believe as soon as I get through the door, I’m getting in them!

Blankets: Another cosy essential is blankets, you can never have too many blankets in my opinion (though Henry will probably tell you another story) I love cosy brushed fleece blankets, and love nothing more than snuggling up under one whilst watching a film.

A Cheesy Film : So yes, we need something to watch on our cosy evening, and you can’t beat a cheesy film or something cosy on Netflix. I recently watched October Kiss on Netflix which was SO cheesy but I loved it, and you guys also know that when in doubt, I turn to Gilmore Girls.

Candles : I love this time of year, as the candle scents are amazing. My current fave is one from Yankee Candle which is Sweet Orange Spice – it’s so seasonal but will also last me in the festive season too! It smells like cinnamon, pumpkin, orange and ginger- INCREDIBLE. 

I also love tealights for my wax burner and my cute little pumpkin tealight holders, and I’ve also been using Yankee Candle’s Autumn Glow tealights which smell amazing and also last so long too for tealights!

My final fave candle atm also from Yankee is Warm Cashmere, this smells a little more fresh and woody, so perfect if you’re looking for a cosy seasonal scent that isn’t too strongly scented!

Treats : You’ve gotta have the treats in when you’re having a cosy night in, popcorn, chocolate, doughnuts, cookies, or all of the above! I’ve been OBSESSED with M&S’s Milk Chocolate cookies – TO DIE FOR. 

Having a bit of a pamper : what I love about cosy evenings in, is that they give the perfect opportunity to have a little pamper. Does anyone else sometimes not have time, or just can’t be bothered? I feel you! So for me, I love taking the time to do my nails, and put on a face mask!

A good book : I usually round-up my cosy evenings with a book in bed, I’ve been loving reading recently and have found it to make such a difference to helping me fall asleep. I recently posted about some books that I’ve recently read and would recommend, but right now, I’m all about anything that is set at Christmas!

And there we have it, my cosy evening essentials, I’d absolutely love yo know what yours would be?



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