All the cheesy Christmas films to watch on Netflix this December

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You guys should know by now, that I LOVE a cheesy Christmas film, I LIVE for Christmas 24 (I think that’s the UK version of the Hallmark channel if you’re from the states) and there’s nothing more I enjoy than snuggling down with a made for TV film and a hot chocolate.

You either love or hate these films, Henry hates them, but I love them, yes they’re terrible, yes the acting is sometimes a little dodgy and you’ll guess the ending by a country mile- but that’s what makes them fun.

They’re usually very sweet, cosy, Christmassy and just perfect for watching on a cold winter afternoon. I’m usually counting down till Christmas 24 officially starts and then I have it on 24/7 literally throughout December.

However, as you read this and it’s the 1st of December today! I’ll be in my own little Christmas wonderland in NYC after just been in Canada for the last 10 days, I’m writing this from the past (oooohhhh spooky noise) but I wanted this to be my first post this December.

I’m hoping I’ve been able to catch a cheesy film or two whilst being away, I’ve said to Henry that all I’d like is to sit with a cheesy film whilst looking out at a snowy wonderland, doesn’t that sound an absolute dream?

SO I thought I’d compile a list of the cheesy films to watch this Christmas on Netflix, they definitely have the motto that the cheesier the better, so let’s get snuggled up and dive right in.

Also just a side note; Channel 5 and Christmas 24 play a lot of cheesy Christmas films every day, so do not worry if you don’t have Netflix, and also I’m not sure if other countries have these films, these are all based on Netflix UK.

Christmas Inheritance : I watched this last year and thought it was pretty sweet, based around a socialite who has to visit her Dad’s hometown in order to inherit the family business. Predictable but cute. Also stars Andie MacDowell who thankfully doesn’t utter any lines like ‘is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.’

Christmas With A View : Okay so I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen this so I’ll be watching this soon, based around a resultant manager of a ski resort whose world is jolted by a new chef. Who wants to bet a fiver that they fall in love?

Holiday In The Wild : This is one of Netflix’s Christmas premiers this year, featuring only blimming Charlotte from Sex and the city and Rob Lowe, it’s based in Africa and around Kate who finds herself divorced so decides to go on a solo second honeymoon, as you do. Think I might load this onto my phone to watch on the plane!

Christmas Wedding Planner: I watched this last year and it’s one of the WORST Christmas films I’ve watched and I’ve watched many, and I’ve watched a lot of shocking ones. The storyline was weird, the acting was pretty awful and even though Lily Van De Woodsen was in it, it was a no from me, you have been warned.

Once Upon A Holiday : Not sure if I’ve seen this or not, so can’t have been that memorable so maybe need to give it another go haha. Featuring a princess who runs away from her royal duties during a Christmas visit to a big city and she learns the joy of living a normal life, I mean I’m not being funny but I’d rather be a princess all day every day.

The Holiday Calendar: Watched this last year and it’s quite cute, based around a magical advent calendar, yep you read it right and a cute little romance which blossoms along the way. I enjoyed it and it wasn’t as sickly sweet as a lot of these films are.

A Wish For Christmas: Again not sure if I’ve seen this, it features only blimmin Gretchen Weiner from Mean Girls who I think is some sort of Hallmark/Christmas 24 royalty as she’s in a lot of these films. The story features Sara who asks Santa (okayyyy) for some courage to stand up for herself, can 48 hours of magic make a lasting difference? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say yes.

A Christmas Prince 1, 2 & 3 – Oh I LOVE this series. The surprise Netflix hit of 2017 is back with another instalment this year and I’m SO READY. So the first film features a journalist who’s sent to a European country on a story and meets the prince, you get the story. The second film is based around a royal wedding and the third is to be based around a royal baby! They are terrible films but I love them and Henry actually enjoyed these too which is saying something.

Angel Of Christmas : I don’t think I’ve seen this but the story is about a jilted news staff member who uncovers a magical family heirloom and is taken on a whirlwind adventure thanks to it.

The Princess Switch: This was one of Netflix’s big Christmas releases last year and I loved this. It has Vanessa Hudgens in and in Parent Trap stylee she plays herself twice! There is a sequel coming but I’m not sure if that is this year or next year, but if you’ve not seen it, it’s worth a watch. It was one of my faves last year!

You Can’t Fight Christmas : Pretty sure I’ve not seen this, but it’s about a money minded business man who coms to revitalise his family’s hotel and clashes with the hotel’s cheery christmas loving decorator.

Miss Me This Christmas: Ooh this sounds juicy, a couple whose divorce is supposed to be finalised on Christmas day ( of course) must decide if they’re ready to throw in the Christmas themed tea towel on their relationship.

Santa Girl : So the promo pic for this looks awful, but this is a new release so it night be okay, it’s all about Santa’s daughter though who decides to flee the family business and an arranged marriage (SANTA!) to have her own adventure ; college.

Let it Snow: This is a new release and looks good, a snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve affecting the friendships, love lives and futures of several high school seniors. I’m hoping for a lot of Christmas teen angst. It features Sabrina the teenage witch too! Also it seems to feature same-sex relationships too which is great considering so many Christmas films only seem to feature straight couples.

The Knight Before Christmas : Another new premier for Netflix and again has Vanessa Hudgens in, this storyline sounds ridiculous but I’m here for it; medieval magic sends a 14th century knight to a modern-day Ohio where he falls for a high school science teacher. HANG ON- you know you’re getting old when Vanessa Hudgens is playing a teacher and not a student *sobs whilst singing ‘we’re soarrrring’*

The Christmas Trap : Basically a Christmas version of the Parent Trap, looks like it’s more of a family film then a romance but could be worth a go.

Okay, I think that’s it, I may have missed some, but hopefully there is a few to get your teeth into, let me know if you watch any of them and your fave as I’d love to know!


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