About Me

Oh Hey!

I’m Corrie. The girl behind the blog. I’m 25. ( I feel like this is turning into one of those MSN chats where you’re asked your ‘asl’) ( I also hope that at least one of you gets this MSN Messenger reference.)

 My favourite things in life are; pizza, make up, big hair, my dog Frank, dogs in general, melted cheese, watching repeats of Friends and NYC. Just incase you wanted to know me in a nutshell (or what to buy me for my birthday.)

I set up Dizzybrunette3 in 2010 as a way to pass the time whilst at university (well when I wasn’t napping.) Fast forward a few years and here I am, very proud to call this blog my full time job.

My blog is a bit like a bag of Revels (well without that horrible hard toffee one that almost always breaks my teeth.) Back in the day, my blog was mainly beauty based, but these days you’ll find a mixture of lifestyle, beauty, make up reviews, fashion, lifestyle posts and much more.

Why the name you may ask? Basically it was a MySpace username from back in the day. I couldn’t really think of another blog name tbh, so here we are. According to friends and family, I am quite dizzy. I’m one of those people who falls over several times on a daily basis, never really gets geography, and the person who thinks it’s appropriate to tell toilet jokes in interviews (spoiler alert… I didn’t get the job.)

I also create videos on YouTube too, I upload two times a week (most of the time ;)) so come over and say hi (but only if you’re nice.) 

So please grab a cuppa and stay for a bit, 

Corrie x 

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