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Roaccutane Diary : Month Two

I can’t believe that I am already writing up my next Roaccutane diary, in fact as I write this, I’m already halfway through month three (sorry I’ve been a bit un organised this month!) It’s crazy how fast these months…


Roacctuane Diary : Month One

As you may have seen in a post from a few weeks back, I’m currently on a course of Roacctutane. In a nutshell it’s a drug which helps to clear up acne by reducing your oil glands. I’ve written a…


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!! (From me and my grumpy Frank!) I can’t believe today is Christmas Day, I have no idea where the time has gone, I’m genuinely a bit perplexed! Anyways, I won’t keep you too long, as I know that…


My Favourite Bloggers Of 2017

It’s Christmas Eve!!! I can’t ruddy believe it. This month has gone so fast, that I almost feel like Bernard and his watch have been around playing and paused time on the 1st of December, then pressed go again and…


Easy Christmas Nail Ideas

With Christmas just being two days away, TWO DAYS! I am trying to get into the festive spirit as much as possible, I have to admit that this year, I’ve not felt as Christmassy as I normally do. But I…